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The 10 Best Affordable Ergonomic Office Chair Reviews [NEWLY]

Ergonomic office chairs are crafted to fit people who work in the office. If you work for long hours or your job requires you to work for long hours, the affordable ergonomic office chair will provide the right support and comfort without going deep into your wallet while seated.

If you need an ergonomic office chair on a budget, the following is all information regarding the best affordable ergonomic office chair.

affordable ergonomic office chair


Best Affordable Ergonomic Office Chair Reviews

For the following part of this article, we divide the affordable ergonomic office chair into two types, the one under $100 and the other one under $200. From various aspects, such as product reviews, buying guides, and benefits, you will make clear which price range you will need and which chair suits you the best.

1. Best Affordable Ergonomic Office Chair Under $100


 Top 5 Ergonomic Office Chair Under $100 Reviews 

1. Best Mesh – NEO Chair Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair

affordable office chairs


  • A gas lift for adjusting
  • Mesh backrest for good breathability
  • Comfort and support seat
  • Tiltable


  • Needs assembling

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This is a multifunctional ergonomic chair to consider if you have a home office. Other than utilizing the chair when working, it is a task chair you can use when playing games or relaxing in the office.

  • Wide base – This chair is equipped with a 2-inch extra-large base that provides stability, primarily when you use it on uneven floors.
  • Adjustable – The chair adjusts in height from 36.5 to 40.5 inches to ensure you can reach the computer when working. The chair is also tiltable to meet various uses.
  • Quality materials – This office chair is designed with quality materials and a strong frame to support a weight of 300 pounds.


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2. Best For Computer Desk – SMUGDESK Ergonomic Lumbar Support Mesh Office Chair

best affordable office chairs


  • Quite affordable
  • Mesh seat for airflow
  • Smooth casters
  • Multifunctional


  • The lumbar section of this chair is relatively low, and one may not get the correct lumbar support when seated on it

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Whether you need to use this chair for work purpose or gaming, the ergonomic design ensures you are comfortable

  • Ergonomic mesh back – The backrest on this chair is made of mesh structure that ensures there is enough airflow to prevent heat build-up if you sit for long
  • Smooth and strong casters – You don’t need to keep on getting up to access items on the work desk since the chair has casters for smooth moving it around
  • Thick padded seat – The chair’s seat has a thick and resilient sponge that provides excellent comfort and support to the user.


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3. Best For Back Pain – Smugdesk Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Lumbar Support Chair

buying cheap affordable ergonomic chairs


  • Support 270 pounds
  • Breathable materials on the seat and the backrest
  • Maneuvering the chair around the office is comfortable and smooth


  • This chair has a mid-backrest design, which may feel uncomfortable to some people since it does not offer full back support

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If you are looking for an ergonomic chair for less than 100 dollars, this a great choice as it retails at around 70 dollars.

  • Excellent lumbar support – This chair is designed with lumbar support at the back to offer excellent and comfortable support to the lower back area.
  • Breathable and thick seat – The seat has a thick cushion to ensure one is comfortable while seated. The seat cover has breathable material for comfort when you sit for too long
  • Warranty – Although this chair retails at an affordable rate, the material crafting consists of heavy-duty and durable material backed up by a 12-month warranty.


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4. Best For Conference – ComHoma Desk Chair Ergonomic Office Chair

affordable office chairs price


  • Accommodate heavyweights
  • Mesh materials for good breathability
  • Padding for total comfort
  • Add a touch of elegance to your office area


  • The padding is not thick and strong

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If you need quality ergonomic office chairs for your board room, I would recommend this model. The chairs have an ergonomic design to ensure your back has total support.

  • Adjustable armrests – The armrests on this chair are adjustable, and you can also flip them up and down to save space without compromising your comfort
  • Adjustable – This ergonomic office chair is adjustable on multiple days where you can opt to adjust height, armrests, and tilt it as well
  • Easy to assemble – Assembling the parts of this chair is relatively easy using the manual guide


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5. Best For Lower Back Pain – ComHoma Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair

affordable office chairs


  • Comfortable
  • A breathable material design
  • A durable and robust construction
  • Adjustable height


  • The armrests are not adjustable and may be uncomfortable to some people

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This is a perfect office chair to buy, especially if you are working from home. The material and the design make one feel like they are in the office.

  • Tiltable – This chair features the tilt function so you can set it as a rocking chair for total comfort when working in the office.
  • Quality material construction – The durability of the chair is guaranteed due to the quality and heavy-duty material construction. The chair is vital to hold people weighing 250 pounds
  • Ergonomic design – The ergonomic construction of this office chair ensures you are comfortable and supported when working.


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 How to choose ergonomic chair under $100? 

  • The material construction

The materials determine the durability and fairly your comfort. For example, most affordable ergonomic chairs are fitted with mesh material to ensure the free flow of air while still seated.

  • The height

The height determines your comfort and even safety. This is because one must position the feet flat on the floor while seated for outstanding balance and ensure excellent flow on the feet area.

The height also determines the kind of working desk you can use with the chair. So, choose an ergonomic chair that is adjustable in weight to achieve this.

  • Lumbar support

You need to consider a chair that offers ample lower back support for your safety while seated. Therefore, choose a chair with lumbar support to make sure you are comfortable and get the right back support while seated.

  • The weight limit

The frame and padding determine the weight the chair can carry. So, make sure to choose a chair that can comfortably hold your weight capacity.

affordable ergonomic chairs


 Common Features of Ergonomic Office Chair Under $100 

  • Swivel casters

The ergonomic office chairs under a budget of 100 dollars are equipped with caster swivels for smooth maneuvering the chair around the room.

  • Adjustable height

Considering these chairs are designed to be used by more than one individual, they are designed with adjustable height so everyone can achieve the most comfortable sitting position.

  • Armrests

The armrests provide parallel balance to the hands. Some chairs have adjustable armrests to balance with the adjustable height. However, note that there are still some ergonomic chairs that do not have adjustable armrests.

  • Backrest and lumbar support

Every office chair should have a lumbar and backrest to ensure everyone has comfortable support while seated or relaxing.

The backrests come in different styles, whereby some chairs are equipped with a higher backrest, and others have a mid backrest style. Some affordable ergonomic chairs have lumbar support to fit people who need lower back section support.


 Who Is An Ergonomic Office Chair Under $100 Designed For? 

  • Budget cautious people

The 100 dollar chairs have quality materials and most features that every ergonomic office chair should have. They are super reliable and convenient for people who need affordable chairs for their workplace.

  • Flexible individuals

The under 100$ chairs are quite flexible since they are adjustable in weight and can tilt to accommodate both work and task activities like gaming.

Still, the chairs are designed with mesh materials to ensure you get excellent airflow for breathability purposes when you sit for too long.


 The Best Brands For Making Ergonomic Chair Under $100 

  • Furmax ergonomic office chairs

The Furmax brand has ergonomic chairs that retail at less than 100 dollars with lumbar support. These chairs are quite reliable for people working in the office and yet affordable as well.

  • Berlman ergonomic chairs

This brand is known for producing ergonomic chairs with a high backrest. They are quite comfortable to sit on for long when working or gaming.

The Berlman ergonomic chairs have mesh at the backrests that allow free airflow for breathability when seated for too long.

Berlman ergonomic chairs’ majorities are easy to assemble and are ideal for heavy people since they can hold heavyweights.

  • Ergousit ergonomic office chair

Ergousit’s design and materials are perfect for the office and other activities that may require one sitting for too long since they have excellent paddings to provide the appropriate support.

using ergonomic office chairs


Best Affordable Ergonomic Office Chair Under $200

For the next part, we will discuss the top 5 best affordable ergonomic office chairs around $200, and offer guidance on how to choose and things to consider on buying and using them.

 Ergonomic Chair Under $200 Reviews 

1. Best Task Chair – Flash Furniture Mid Back Mesh Swivel Office Chair

buy the cheap ergonomic office chair


  • Ample airflow on the chair.
  • Flip-up armrest enables accessibility around your office.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Complements your décor.


  • Not suitable for heavy person

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It provides ample airflow in the back and the support of the back.

High quality and graded material on the seat cushion offer superior comfort.

The flip-up armrest makes it easy for you to conveniently move around your office while the waterfall seat edge makes it possible to relieve the pressure posed at the back of your legs.

It has dimensions of 24.5 W x 25.5 D x 38.5 H while its assembly is easy.


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2. Best For Neck Pain – Smugdesk Affordable Ergonomic Chairs with Padding Armrest

white office chairs


  • Real simple to assemble.
  • Durable.
  • Thick and comfortable seat foam.
  • Has a cloth hanger for a tidy look in the office.


  • The armrest is not adjustable

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The Smugdesk office chair has versatility, durability, and high quality.

The sleek and slim look gives your office a contemporary look while it can hold up to 300lbs weight capacity.

The five-legged base with caster rolling creates a stable base that can be used on any floor therefore enhancing easy mobility.

When assembling the chair, all the tools that you require are provided in the packages with easy-to-follow instruction.


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3. Best Adjustable – Tribesigns Mesh High Back Office Chair with Headrest

picking the best ergonomic office chairs


  • Lumbar support.
  • Swivel and tilt mechanism for better comfort.
  • Little noise when moving around in it.


  • The height adjustment could go an inch higher.

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It has an adjustable system where the armrest, headrest, lumbar support, and height can be adjusted to suit the preference of the user.

It possesses a swivel and tilt mechanism in it, where you can lock the seat at any angle while multitasking easily.

A nylon and metal build quality gives it a good balance while enhancing the sleek and modern look.

A back increases the flow of air which maintains the skin temperature and gets rid of water vapor.


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4. Best with Soft Seat – Modway Articulate Affordable Ergonomic Office Chair

high back affordable ergonomic chairs


  • Durable and versatile.
  • Has a high amount of weight capacity, recommended for big folks.
  • Easy mobility over any floor due to the caster rolls.


  • No headrest

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The seat cushions are 6” thick and firm and the lumbar support is generously padded for protecting your body from pain and fatigue.

The base is sturdy and supportive to avoid accidentally tipping while it can carry a weight capacity of 331lbs.

The swivel and tilt levers make it easy to sit and turn around according to your suitability.

The product dimensions are 26.5L x 26 W x 37 H while the breathable mesh improves the airflow around the work area.


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5. Best For Heavy Person – ZLHECTO High Back Ergonomic Computer Chair with 300lb Weight Capacity

affordable office chair


  • Clear instructions and easy to assemble.
  • Attractive and comfortable.
  • Excellent adjustable armrest and lumbar support.


  • The armrest is not adjustable

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This product from the ZLHECTO brand is durable and of high quality that assures you of comfort in your workplace.

The caster rolling fitted in the five-legged sturdy base is providing an easy and smooth motion around your office.

The chair is passed by the BIFMA which ensures that the chair is reliable, durable, and of good quality.

Acquiring this chair offers you relief of pressure due to body contours in the model that relieves pressure joints.


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 How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $200? 

With the knowledge that ergonomic chairs are high contributors to increased productivity, there is a need to pick the best. Below gives more on how to choose the best ergonomic office chairs.

1. Adjustability.

When looking for an ideal ergonomic chair suitable for your office, it is key to note how adjustable the chair is. The more adjustable it is on the headrest, armrest, lumbar support, and height of the seat makes it best for your fit.

2. Comfort.

It is the comfort that comes along with the chair which makes the purchase worth it. While you buy the ergonomic office chair, consider buying the chair with maximum comfort, for instance, fitted with a heavy and firm cushion on the seat.

3. Durability.

The duration the ergonomic chair would be in service determines what product you will purchase. For example, the leather ergonomic chairs are likely to be more durable than mesh ergonomics. Therefore, buy a chair worth your money.

4. Appearance.

When purchasing your chair, be on the lookout for a chair that can be customized to fit your office décor. The chair complements the appearance.


 Common Features of Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $200 

To ensure that during office work, the neutral posture is encouraged for increased comfort and support there is a need for an ergonomic chair. There are common features found in the ergonomic chairs under $200, below is the list.

how to pick ergonomic office chairs

  • A strong base.

While in the office you may want to recline your body a little to rest your head and neck, however, if the base is not strong you are likely to accidentally tip-off. Therefore, these chairs have a strong base to ensure that you accrue no injuries.

  • Swivel function.

The swivel function 360 degrees are features that enable the user to do multitasking. And the caster rolling in the base of the chair makes it possible for smooth movement on any floor.

  • Adjustments.

When you buy a chair close to your height, it should have the ability to be adjusted a little lower or upper your height. Also, the lumbar support for improved support on the spine, the flexible armrest flip-up, and adjustable headrest are features that increase comfortability.

  • Swivel tilt.

When the body is improperly positioned repeatedly, injuries are likely to be acquired. The ergonomic chairs ensure that there is flexibility in the engagement of body position periodically.


 Who Is An Ergonomic Office Chair Designed Under $200 For? 

Generally, these types of ergonomic chairs can be used by anyone who would love to sit comfortably without any strain due to its favorable features, versatility, and affordable prices. There are different people who find these chairs best fit for them, they include.

a) Computer operator.

The firm cushions and lumbar support fit for the computer operators in offices and home desks. The armrest fitted in them makes it possible to relax the hands while typing away on the computer.

b) Industrial workers.

The use of ergonomic chairs significantly increases the productivity level. These chairs can be customized according to the needs of the employees, to reduce the straining and decrementing their health due to prolonged working.

c) Gamers

To those people who love gaming, these chairs are perfect for them. This is because they are able to sit for a long time and enjoy the games without feeling numb and undergoing spinal condition due to sitting in unfavorable chairs.


 The Best Brands on Making Ergonomic Chairs Under $200 

There are a variety of brands in the market that provide ergonomic chairs under $200. Below is the list of the best brands making ergonomic chairs under $200.

1. Smugdesk brand.

The ergonomic chairs produced by this brand are assured of longevity and strength while with each purchase you make there is a guaranteed warranty.

The features in the chairs are designed specifically to ensure you gain maximum comfort and colors and designs that complement your office.

2. Tribesigns brand.

The brand is known for its production of durable and high-quality products at affordable prices. The materials are non-detachable and comfortable while their seat cushions are always firm and high density.

The adjustable mechanisms on lumbar support, armrest, or headrest are adequately made to support the spine and disperse pressure and shoulders.

3. Modway Brand.

The product made by this company has high customer satisfaction due to its high quality, durability, and good customer support.

The ergonomic chairs are of different upholstery from mesh to leather.

They have great appearances and can accommodate high weight capacities and enhance the increase in productivity.

Is An Affordable Ergonomic Office Chair Worth Buying?

The features hugely determine an excellent and reliable ergonomic office chair it has rather than the price. Therefore, as long the chair has all the features you are looking for, then you are good to go.

However, when choosing the cheap models, make sure it has the right support and has the right parts to ensure your safety, especially if you sit for too long in the office.

Affordable Ergonomic Office Chair Vs. Expensive Ergonomic Office Chair

Most people are torn between buying cheap ergonomic office chairs or expensive office chairs. However, as well all know, cheap is expensive, and sometimes the saying is reversed.

buying guides of affordable ergonomic chairs


The costly models always have quality and durable materials that will last you for a long time, it also means that these chairs can accommodate multiple people of varying weights.

On the other hand, the affordable ergonomic chairs are not guaranteed to last compared to the expensive ones.

So, if you are looking forward to buying chairs that will last you for long, and your budget allows it, don’t think twice about expensive ones.

– The price

Considering they are crafted with heavy-duty and quality materials, the expensive ergonomic chairs are more costly than the cheap ones.

– Functionality

The padding and designs equipped on the expensive chairs offer more support and comfort than the cheap ones.

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