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Top 7 Best Ergonomic Chair for Home Office Reviews (2021 Updated)

Regardless of your place of work, whether at home or office, having an ergonomic chair is very essential.

The best ergonomic chair for a home office is designed to provide you with exclusive and comfort while working while ensuring a good sitting posture. These chairs feature versatile features that ensure that you get a great and comfortable sitting experience.

This article will explain all that you need to know about ergonomic chairs for home office use, as well as a review of the best ergonomic home office chairs.


What is the Best Ergonomic Chair for Home Office?

#1. Best Comfortable – NOUHAUS Ergo3D Stable Office Chair with Adjustment Armrest

“3D lumbar support and 4D Adjustable Armrests are designed for comfortable working experience.

#2. Best for BedroomHbada Ergonomic Chair with Smooth and Quiet Rolling Operation

“Smooth and quiet rolling operation provides a noiseless environment for working at night.”

#3. Best for Space-Saving – Durable Direct Ergonomic Home Office Chair for Easy Installation

“Special space-saving design fits for a small room or no extra space for home office equipment.”

#4. Best Modern Design – ORVEAY Ergonomic  for Home Office to Relieve Pressure

“Having a modern design makes it more suitable for home decoration with a modern style which looks coordinated.”


What Makes a Comfortable Ergonomic Chair for Home Office?

comfortable ergonomic chair for home office

Generally, an ergonomic home office chair is very comfortable and provides you with a superb sitting experience in your home office, regardless of the sitting hours. This chair boasts a human-oriented design that ensures great comfort. Some of the features that make this home office chair comfortable include:

– Thick and resilient mesh seat.

Ergonomic home office chairs are made of a high-quality breathable seat cushion. The resilient seat cushion is made of soft, thick, and well-padded cushion that ensures durable and versatile comfort.

– Ventilated backrest with lumbar support.

Ergonomic home office chairs feature a ventilated backrest that allows maximum air circulation, thereby preventing heat build-up and sweating. The lumbar support curves naturally to the spine curvature, thereby providing enough support to the lower back, as well as relieving pressure in the lumbar region. This allows you to work for extended hours without getting fatigued.

– Flexible adjustments.

These chairs feature easy to use flexible adjustment across the chair. The various adjustments allow you to customize your chair to get your preferred and comfortable sitting position.

– Easy and convenient mobility.

Ergonomic home office chairs boast easy and convenient mobility enhanced by the 360-degree seat swivel function and the 360-degree swivel base wheels. The seat swivel allows you to easily rotate to access different parts of your table while still in the same position, while the base wheels allow you to easily move from one position to another in your office while still sitting.


The Best Ergonomic Chair for Home Office Review.

1. Best Mesh Backrest – Modway Articulate Sturdy Ergonomic Chair for Home Office.

Modway Articulate Sturdy chair


– Ergonomic and reliable support.
– Dual wheel casters for easy mobility.
– Fully adjustable ergonomic home office chair.
– Ideal for everyday use.
– 331 lbs of weight capacity.


– None found.


Thinking of getting a real ergonomic office chair for your home? Then Modway Articulate Office Chair is all that you need to have everything sorted. This is an ergonomic office chair with reliable and durable ergonomic support. Modway Articulate consists of a breathable mesh backrest for maximum air circulation hence no sweating or heat build-up, thereby assuring comfortable support and sitting. For ergonomic support and sitting, the Modway Articulate provides you with passive lumbar support, as well as a contoured and well-padded mesh seat, with a thickness of 6 inches.

Modway Articulate Office Chair is also designed with long-lasting reliability in mind, hence more productivity. The executive ergonomic chair is very sturdy and supportive making it ideal for everyday use. With the quality construction and sturdiness, the ergonomic office chair has a maximum weight capacity of 331 lbs.

For versatility, convenience, and customization, Modway Articulate Office Chair features several adjustments. It allows you to easily adjust the height of the armrests, the seat height, back angle adjustment with tilt and lock functions, and 360 degrees swivel. Modway Articulate gives you a chance to refresh your home with an ergonomic and versatile computer desk chair. The 5-claws casters with dual wheels allow you to enjoy easy mobility over hardwood and carpeted floors. Buying Modway Articulate Office Chair is an assurance of a reliable ergonomic home office chair.


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2. Best with 4D Adjustable Armrests – NOUHAUS Ergo3D Stable Office Chair with Super-Lounge Tilt.

NOUHAUS Ergo3D chair for home office


– Super-lounge tilt of up to 135 degrees.
– Greater stability and sturdiness.
– Breathable ElastoMesh for unparalleled comfort.
– Excellent full adjustments.


– The maximum weight capacity is quite low compared to other office chairs in the same class.

This is another versatile home office chair by NOUHAUS, that easily and comfortably conforms to your working life. Ergo3D Office Chair is designed with ease of working and/or playing in mind. This is enhanced by the various adjustments across the versatile home chair. The Ergo3D Office Chair allows up and down mesh headrest adjustments, while the 3D armrests allow up, forward, back, down, and flip adjustments.

For additional ease of working and convenience, Ergo3D Office Chair features a 360-degree swivel function that allows you to easily rotate to access different parts of your office from the same position, as well as multi-tasking. The seat also slides up and down for ultimate comfort customization, while the 3D lumbar support provides enough support to your lower back region. The 3D lumbar support is designed in a way that it hugs your back in a way that maintains the natural curvature of your spine to provide ergonomic and comfortable support.

The Ergo3D Office Chair is very comfy and designed with a soft breathable elastic mesh to allow maximum air circulation for a fresh and comfortable working experience. It also boasts heavy-duty construction and base with dual wheels: which ensures maximum sturdiness and stability with a maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs. For added comfort and relaxation, Ergo3D Office Chair provides a super-lounge tilt of up to 135 degrees.


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3. Best Mid Back – Stylish Hbada Ergonomic Chair with Lumbar Support for Home Office.

Stylish Hbada Ergonomic Chair for home office


– Space-saving design.
– Simple and elegant design.
– Smooth and quiet rolling operation.
– Ideal for home working including bedroom usage.


– The flip-up armrests are not adjustable.

Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair is a stylish home office desk chair from Hbada, with a simple and sleek design. Despite having a simple design, the mid-back home chair boasts an elegant and stylish design that perfectly fits in any decorative decor. This ergonomic home chair is designed with space-saving factor in mind, the chair easily fits under the desk when not in use, thus, ideal for home offices despite the available space.

Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair features flip-up armrests that enhance space-saving for different usages. For adjustability, the mid-back ergonomic home office chair boasts a seat height adjustment feature that allows you to adjust the seat height to get your ideal sitting position. For further comfort and customization, the office chair consists of a tilt lever function that allows you to adjust the back tilt angle: push-in to have the upright position locked and pull-out to initiate the rocking motion.

Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair is a stable and long-lasting home office chair with a high-quality 5-claws base with quiet and smooth casters. It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. This is an ideal space-saving home office chair, suitable even for bedroom use.


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4. Best with Pneumatic ControlsDurable Direct Ergonomic Home Office Chair for Easy Installation.

Durable Direct Ergonomic chair for home office


– Ergonomic design.
– Reliable comfort.
– Good lumbar support.
– Easy to install.
– BIFMA and SGS certified.


– The armrests are not adjustable.

Get a quality ergonomic office chair for your home office from the Direct brand. Direct Home Office Chair is a high-quality and secure desk chair, certified by BIFMA for your own safety. For an extra safety guarantee, this chair is also certified by SGS for the gas cylinder.

Direct Home Office Chair features a durable frame construction and a 5-star base, as well as a breathable mesh made of lasting nylon. The home office chair has a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs, while the heavy-duty casters allow 360-degrees swivel while rolling smoothly. Get yourself started instantly with the easy to install ergonomic office chair. It comes with all the necessary hardware and tools for installation, thereby allowing you to get started in minutes.

Direct Home Office Chair features easy to use pneumatic controls that make it easy to adjust your chair to get your perfect and comfortable position. The chair allows seat height adjustment, recline function, and 360-degrees swivel, thereby providing a customized experience. It also features a breathable mesh back, high-density seat cushion, and good lumbar support that ensures reliable comfort in your home office.


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5. Best Modern Design – ORVEAY Ergonomic Task Mid-Back Chair for Home Office.

ORVEAY Ergonomic Task Mid Back Chair


– Easy to assemble.
– 270 lbs of weight capacity.
– Easy recline and height adjustment functions.
– Effective pressure withstanding.
– Ergonomic human-oriented design.


– The armrests are not adjustable.

Get an ergonomic home office chair with a modern style by the ORVEAY brand. Ergonomic Task Chair features a human-oriented ergonomic construction design that effectively aids in relieving pressure from your cervical region. This allows you to sit for extended working hours without worrying about any kind of vertebral pain.

The Ergonomic Task Chair is a comfortable home chair with lumbar support, middle-back breathable mesh, and cushioned foam seat for comfortable long-hours sitting in your home, office, or conference. These features including the flexible armrests allow your body to conform perfectly and comfortably to your ergonomic chair.

For adjustability, the mid-back home chair allows a seat height adjustment from 17.92 – 21.65 inches, as well as an easy back recline of up to 125 degrees. Ergonomic Task Chair boasts a long-lasting base and casters and a maximum capacity of 270 lbs. It is easy to assemble.


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6. Best for Gaming – Comfortable Smugdesk Ergonomic Mid-Back Office Task Chair with Rocking Mode.

Smugdesk Ergonomic Mid Back CHAIR


– Cheap and affordable.
– Smooth and durable casters.
– 1-year new replacement guarantee.
– Multi-function mechanism.
– Reliable lumbar support.
– Thick and resilient breathable seat cushion.


– None found.

Smugdesk is a well-known brand for providing quality and comfortable ergonomic office chairs, hence rest assured that you will get a great sitting experience. The Smugdesk Ergonomic Task Chair consists of an ergonomic mid-backrest with reliable lumbar support that ensures a good posture, ideal for long hours sitting. The home office chair features a thick and resilient mesh padded seat, thereby ensuring that your hips and legs are free from sweat.

Smugdesk Ergonomic Task Chair features a multi-function mechanism using the easy to use pneumatic controls to easily adjust the seat height for your preferred position. The rocking mode also enables you to tilt your chair for exclusive relaxation after the great work. It has a maximum weight of 270 lbs and comes with a 1-year new replacement guarantee.


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7. Best with Lumbar Support – Affordable Flash Furniture Ergonomic Swivel Mesh Office Chair with Flip-up Armrests.

Flash Furniture Ergonomic Swivel Mesh chair


– Breathable curved back with lumbar support.
– Contemporary ergonomic design.
– Waterfall seat edge design for pressure relief.
– Easy seat access.
– Superior comfort.


– The flip-up arms are not adjustable.


Flash Furniture Mesh Office Chair is the last ergonomic home chair in this review, but not the least. This is a cheap mid-back home office chair with excellent performance. This is a top-rated comfortable office chair with excellent lumbar support, making it an ideal addition to your home office. For easy seat access, the mid-back mesh office chair features functional flip-up armrests, while the waterfall edge design aids in relieving the pressure on your legs.

Flash Furniture Mesh Office Chair features a contemporary design that provides superb comfort and relaxation. It is made of commercial-grade quality material construction hence durable and worth the value of your money. It also features a ventilated lumbar support that curves naturally to your spine curvature, while ensuring optimum airflow. The ergonomic home chair boasts a tilt lever function for great relaxation.


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How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Chair for Home Office?

durable ergonomic chair for home office

Generally, there are multiple ergonomic chairs for the home office in the market today. To choose the best chair from a wide range is quite challenging. The following are some of the main factors to consider while choosing your ergonomic chair for the home office.

– Adjustable height.

While choosing your home office ergonomic chair, ensure that the seat allows seat height adjustment. Make sure that the height adjustment range is within your comfortable sitting height. The appropriate seat height should allow your knees to make 90 degrees while the feet rest flat on the floor or footrest.

– Seat.

There are several factors to consider about the seat. Firstly, ensure that the seat dimensions, both width, and depth, allows you to fit comfortably. Secondly, consider the padding, an ergonomic chair should feature soft, thick, and resilient padding to ensure versatile and reliable comfort. Also, consider a mesh seat for good airflow. Finally, check the weight limit to make sure that it accommodates your body weight.

– Lumbar support.

The lumbar support is a very crucial feature in an ergonomic chair. Consider a home office chair with lumbar support that comfortably and naturally fits your spine curvature. However, more versatile ergonomic chairs feature adjustable lumbar support that allows you to adjust the lumbar support to attain the right depth and width depending on your spine curvature.

– Swivel function and base wheels.

An ergonomic chair with five base wheels allows easy and stable mobility within your office, while the swivel function allows easy rotation. These features enhance easy and convenient working. Make sure that both the seat and the wheels allow 360-degrees rotation.


The backrest of your home office chair should feature width adjustment function as well as recline mode. This is ideal for providing comfort and great relaxation for back pain. Also, check the recline locking mechanism. Finally, the backrest should also be made of a breathable mesh to allow optimum air circulation.

– Headrest and armrests.

Finally, consider both the armrests and the headrest. The armrests are ideal for relieving pressure in the hands, while the headrest supports the shoulders, neck, and head. Ensure that both the headrest and the armrests are fully adjustable.


What Sizes of Ergonomic Chair Should I Pick for Home Office Use?

best ergonomic chair for home office

Generally, there is no set standard for ergonomic chairs, unlike the stools and tables. Therefore, do not expect any specific answer on which is the best size for your ergonomic chair. However, there is still an ideal size for each individual. To know your ideal size, consider your feet height and your desk height, these two heights should help you determine the ideal size of your ergonomic home office chair. However, most ergonomic chairs allow height adjustment to accommodate most individuals.

While considering your feet height, ensure that the chair allows you to make a 90-degrees angle with your knees while your feet rest flat on the floor.

While considering your desk height, make sure that your elbows rest on the armrest and still parallel to the desk surface. The height of your elbow should be equal to the height of your desk or slightly higher, such that your arms make 90 – 100 degrees angle. This should be the ideal size for your ergonomic chair for your home office.


What Types of an Ergonomic Chair Can You Choose for Your Home Office?

There are several types of ergonomic chairs. To know the best type for your home office, it is important to know their ergonomics so as to know the difference and compare.

1. Kneeling chair.

This is an ergonomic chair consisting of an angled knee rest, which is used to divide the weight of your body into two: between your shins and the bottom. It is designed for short term back pain.

– Aids in relieving back pain.
– Better standing lumbar curve.
– Prevents spinal compression as well as lower back tension.


2. Ball chair.

The ball chair is also referred to as a yoga or stability ball chair. It consists of a big inflatable ball with a strong and safe base. This chair is mainly designed for short term use while engaging your core.

– It helps in core and leg muscle strengthening.
– Enhances blood flow.
– It helps in burning calories.


3. Executive chair.

The executive ergonomic chair is the most luxurious and expensive type of ergonomic chair. It features the most versatile features and ideal for both short-term and long-term sitting. It is also one of the most popular ergonomic chairs.


4. Massage chair.

This is an ergonomic chair with massage function being its unique feature. Mostly, the massage function is located at the lumbar support. It is designed to help relieve pain and tension while sitting.


5. Reclining chair.

Just like the name, the reclining ergonomic chair is characterized by a reclining seat function. The chair allows you to recline the backrest and/or the seat, for exclusive relaxation.


6. Rolling chair.

A rolling ergonomic chair consists of a star-like base with casters. The casters can be dual or single. They allow 360-degrees swivel and rolling movement to allow easy mobility.



In conclusion, the above article has provided you with all the necessary information about ergonomic home chairs, as well as a review of the 7 best ergonomic home office chairs. Without any doubt, it is evident that ergonomic home chairs are versatile and crucial for long hours of sitting, hence worth buying and a great decor addition.


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