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Top 6 Best Ergonomic Office Chair For Back Pain Reviews

Your back is the main highway where all the nerves from the body organs connect, which requires a lot of attention to protect by using appropriate support against injuries that may lead to back pain. To guarantee the safety and protection of your spine, it is good to choose the best ergonomic office chairs for back pain.

However, before purchasing ergonomic chairs, it is good to note that these chairs have been created in different styles depending on the client’s needs.

desk chair for back pain


What Is the Best Ergonomic Office Chair For Back Pain on the Market?

#1. Best OverallDuramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair
“Adjustable headrest with soft cushions bring optimal comfort to a person with bad backs, rollerblade wheels enable you to move it around easily”

#2. Best Reclining Ticova Ergonomic High Back Office Chair
“Thick soft cushions allow you to use it for a long time without feeling tired, mesh fabric brings in more fresh air in use.”

#3. Best For High PersonGabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Back Desk Chair
“High back along with adjustable headrest fits perfectly for high person to use, tilt function gives you a safe place for a short nap.”

#4. Best CheapSmugdesk High Back Ergonomic Desk Chair
“The adjustable lumbar support is designed especially for a bad back person, cheap price does not block its premium quality and comfort while sitting.”

#5. Best with Ergonomic Back –  NOUHAUS Ergo 3D Office Chair
“Fully ergonomic design from the headrest to the seat is the reason for its hot-selling, extra blade wheels enables easier moving around than other types.”


How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Back Pain?

The type and design of an office chair we use at the office determines and enhances your daily productivity at work and home. Due to different brands of ergonomic office chair, it is essential to acknowledge these features that will guide you on how to choose the best ergonomic office chair for back pain;

ergonomic chair back support cushion

1. Adjustability and height

Choose an ergonomic office chair that will be easier to adjust to your height. It is vital to check on size so that your knee to be at an appropriate angle that is comfortable to your height. Thus, reducing a lot of weight stress below your knee and the lumbar region.

2. Seat depth and width

A good seat should be deep enough to cover almost ¾ of your thighs and able to get ample lumbar support that leaves a space of about 2-4 inches between your knees and the chair seat.

Furthermore, the chair’s width should fit you in comfortably, leaving at least 2″ either side of your hips, but beyond that, consider it uncomfortable since you will be stretching your arms out to reach the armrests.

3. Adjustable Lumbar support

If the lumbar region is fully supported, the spinal cord is protected and will ensure both your head and shoulders are correctly postured. You will experience less weight tension, hence, alleviating lower back pain and computer hunch.

4. Seat and the backrest materials

Ensure the materials used for making the seat and backrest are of high-quality foam, sufficiently padded, properly aligned, and breathable. Low-quality foam and less padded office chairs are imbalanced and misaligned, leading to fatigue and back pain.

5. Backrest

The design of an ergonomic office chair for back pain should naturally resemble the S-curve shape of your spine, wide enough, and able to recline between 110 – 130 degrees.

Being on a reclined angle relieves weight tension from your lower back and enhances proper blood circulation through the spinal cord muscle tissues.


Benefits of Ergonomic Office Chair For Back Pain

The invention of ergonomic chairs provides a better solution to the arising back complications due to poor spine alignment and tissue damage. These complications are caused by poor or incorrect posture and sitting for extended hours on the wrong office chair.

desk chair for back pain

  • Spinal support

The S-Curve shape of your spinal cord support and keep your posture in an upright position. This ability helps to improve your back physical health by maintaining good spinal alignment and reducing spinal pressure.

  • Relieves neck pain

An adjustable headrest helps to support and appropriately position your head. Adjusting the headrest will reduce the straining of the neck muscle tissues, mostly affected by being always still while using a computer.

  • Keeps your shoulders active

The ergonomic chair’s ability conforming to the spinal shape and angle inclination provides a good backrest position. Thus, reducing too much neck movement, which causes a lot of discomfort at your back.

  • Improves blood circulation

Sitting on an ergonomic chair supports and aligns your spinal vertebrae with avoiding damaging spinal muscle tissues due to improper balancing of your back.

Poor spinal balancing results in a pressure build at your end, which raptures the muscle tissues to bleeding and clot internally, hence blocking blood vessels leading to poor blood circulation.

  • Reduces lower back pain

Because of neutral balancing from the lumbar region, the lower back experiences less pressure weight, which reduces lower back pain.


Can Ergonomic Backrest for Office Chairs Helpful for Back Pain?

Yes, an ergonomic backrest for an office chair is helpful and a good remedy to back pain because it provides a curvature backrest that aligns your spine and neck by improvising your posture. Using an ergonomic backrest for an office chair is helpful in the following ways;

computer chair for back pain

  • Improves your posture

Aligning your shoulders, neck, and spine at an upright position can relieve the stress placed on your spine because of sitting incorrectly for a more extended period. Furthermore, it discourages the natural tendency of leaning forward or slouching.

  • Reduces the lower back, neck, and shoulder pain

Because your lumbar region is correctly aligned, which maintains the spine muscle tissues healthier and enhances proper blood circulation in the body.

  • It offers a lot of support at your back

Thus, maintaining the spine’s natural curvature shape because of limited slouching, leaning, and neck stiffness.

  • Reduce neck pain risk

It provides full support and balancing of your back, neck, and shoulders without causing stiffness in your neck and shoulders, thus reducing neck pain risk.


Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Back Pain Reviews

1. Best with Lumbar Support – Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Support Office Chair

best ergonomic office chair for lower back pain

Duramont ergonomic office chair is made from the highest quality materials and ergonomically designed with features that make it more suitable for the back pain. These features are;

  • The chair is adjustable from the headrest height and the angle; the lumbar support height and depth; the armrest and the seat distance, and the seat height.
  • It has a pneumatic control that allows you to raise or lower the seat and includes a backrest tilt that inclines the backrest to your comfortable position.
  • The lumbar support is adjustable and can be reclined by tilting the backrest backward or position you on an upright angle.
  • The seat has a soft cushion of high-quality material with a breathable mesh that allows free air circulation to keep your back open free from sweating and sit comfortably for an extended period.

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2. Best For Lower Back Pain – Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

ergonomic office chair for back pain

  • Ticova ergonomic office chair is featured with a meshed backrest and is also made from a high quality alloyed steel metal which can support a total weight of 280lbs.
  • You can adjust its lumbar support height, depth, armrest, seat cushion height, the headrest height, and easier to tilt the angle up to 140 degrees.
  • The backrest and armrest perfectly fit your spine and position your neck and shoulder correctly to relieve the fatigue and lower back pain.
  • It also has a unique quality meshed headrest with a big curved foam to provide comfortable support to your neck and head.
  • The seat is 3″ thicker featured with high-density foam, and its edge is in a W- shape design to provide a larger support area and disperse pressure on the hip and thighs.

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3. Best For Back and Neck Pain – Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

ergonomic office chairs for lower back pain

  • Gabrylly ergonomic is a high back office chair for people with a height of about 5.5″ to 6.3″ and supports a pressure weight up to 280lbs.
  • The armrest is foldable either up or down by pressing the black button on the armrest.
  • The chair seat and backrest are made from a high-quality mesh that can withstand abrasion and transformation.
  • The backrest and headrest are high to accommodate persons with exceeding height to sit comfortably for a more extended period.
  • The whole chair is large and wide to accommodate different body physique and is featured with a PU mute wheels that roll efficiently.

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4. Best For Bad Back – Smugdesk Ergonomic Office Chair

ergonomic chair without back

  • Smugdesk office chair is mainly made from a high-quality PVC and designed in a modern style, which can withstand a weight capacity of 250 pounds.
  • The armrest is sophisticatedly designed to reduce pressure tension build up on your shoulder and arms.
  • You can also adjust the backrest by tilting from 90 degrees back up to 120 degrees for more comfort and spine alignment.
  • This chair’s unique feature is that it has a clothes hanger just below the headrest, which prevents your clothes from getting wrinkled and dirt.

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5. Best with 4D Adjustable Armrest – Nouhaus Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair 

ergonomic chair back support

  • Nouhaus is designed in a modern stylish with its frame made of iron material, which can support ideal adult weight up to 275 pounds.
  • It has a five-point iron base with dual casters that give it excellent stability and strength over a common 4-point, single castor chair.
  • A three-dimensional lumbar support system provides a correct spine alignment and reducing compression of spine muscle tissues and lower back pain.
  • The seat is made of a soft HD mesh, which is breathable for optimal airflow to avoid sweating and sticking.
  • The headrest is uniquely curved and sufficiently padded around its edge to provide good angle support for the neck and head.

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6. Best High Back – Berlman Ergonomic Office Chair For Task

ergonomic chair for lower back support

  • Berlman is an integrated high back ergonomic office chair made from nylon material that can hold up to a maximum of 250 pounds.
  • The backrest is featured with a tilt lock mechanism for changing and locking into the backrest angle.
  • The lumbar support and a thickly padded headrest protect your spine and neck from pain and other complication related to poor back alignment.
  • The headrest is widened and thickened to provide more comfort around your neck vertebrae.
  • The backrest is made of breathable mesh to allow enough air supply at your back to avoid sweating and sticking.

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How Does Ergonomic Back Support Relieve Your Back Pain on the Office Chair?

Ergonomic back support is a lumbar cushion placed on the lower end of the seat backrest to provide adequate back support, hence, relieving back pain and complications. The back support is designed ergonomically to alleviate your back pain in the following ways;

ergonomic low back chairs

  • Offer basic support

Ergonomic back support provides a comfortable and ample positioning of your back appropriately aligned by filling in the space between the lumber area and the seat’s backrest. This helps to support the natural S-curve shape of your lower end, thus, absorbing the weight pressure tension along the vertebrae column.

  • Comes with a soft cushion

The cushion of the ergonomic back support has a U-shape design made with memory foam with two straps for adjusting to your lower back end at a correct position to provide maximum comfort and support.

  • Help balance your posture

It raises the shoulder outwards and upright; hence, balancing the shoulder posture and the neck. This helps to break the natural tendency of slouching and hunching the back of your neck, which, over time, tires your back and weakens the muscles holding your spine.

The weakening of these muscle tissues brings a lot of pain on the upper back and can significantly affect the spinal curvature.


Characteristics of Ergonomic Office Chair for Back Pain Relief

The best ergonomic chair for back pain should have the following characteristics;

ergonomic chair back pain relief

  • Seat – The seat should be able to adjust or changes to a great height extent at a different range suitable for your office desk and computer to avoid neck stiffening due to slouching too much forward while using the computer.
  • Armrest – The armrest should be adjustable to raise your shoulder upright to reduce the shoulder weight pressure on your neck, thus providing a comfortable and good posture of your entire lumbar region and free from pain.
  • Lumbar support – The lumbar support is designed to resemble the spine’s curvature and be able to stick out your chest outwardly, pull back your shoulders, and your ears to be aligned in the same plane as your shoulders. This is to reduce much weight tension to your lower back.
  • Seat and backrest – The seat and backrest are made of breathable pads and sufficiently padded to promote increased airflow for more comfort during the long session and release the pressure at the lower back. Furthermore, the padded backrest also ensures proper alignment of the vertebrae bones, thus, preventing spinal tissue damage.
  • Headrest – The headrest, backrest, and foot recliner are adjustable to a suitable angle from 90 – 155 degrees, which reduces pressure build-up around your neck, lower back, and knees. Hence, keeping you healthy free from back pain complications.
  • Seat’s depth – The seat’s depth should be relevant to suit both tall and short people to fit in the chair without stress at the back of their knees and joints with enough support throughout the thighs and buttocks.
  • Seat’s width – The seat width should be wide enough to allow users to fit comfortably, but should not leave out more than 2 inches at both ends of the armrests. If it is too distant it would be a discomfort to the shoulder, thus leading to too much straining of the neck muscles.


How to Sit Comfortably on an Ergonomic Office Chair for Back Pain?

If you experience entire back pain while using an ergonomic chair, therefore you have been using it wrongly. Here is how you can sit comfortably on an ergonomic office chair for back pain;

• Adjust your chair’s height closer to your office desk and ensure that your elbow hangs above the surface of your desk to form a 90 degrees angle.

• Adjust your armrest to lift your shoulders slightly to avoid slouching forward, so as to reduce straining of the shoulders and the neck vertebrae.

• Try to pass your clenched fist between the back of your calf and front of your chair; if it doesn’t pass with ease, then adjust the backrest forward until it fits.

• Adjust the footrest to position your legs at 90 degrees above your ankles; if your fingers cannot easily slide under your thighs at the edge of the chair then adjust up the depth of your seat.

• It is also essential to adjust the office chair to level your eyes or gazing directly and comfortably at the center of your computer; if higher or lower, please adjust to the height of the seat to the eye level.

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