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Top 6 Best Fully Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair Reviews & Buying Guides

A good and health-friendly office chair contributes positively to your health, promotes your office culture and staff. Investing in a fully adjustable ergonomic chair might prove expensive, but always understand cheap comes fast and disappears quickly.

Equipping your team with a fully adjustable ergonomic chair will not only serve to their benefit, but it will also motivate them to report at work because they feel comfortable, appreciated, happy, and much flexible.

Therefore, influencing the company’s production and cuts down the cost of paying unnecessary health cover and miscellaneous budgets.


Why Do You Need a Fully Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair?

Acquiring a fully adjustable ergonomic office chair with proper ergonomic training to the staff will bring the following impact:

fully adjustable ergonomic chair

• Reduces company expenditure and budget

The adjustable ergonomic office chair minimizes the team from physical injuries due to poor posturing, which affects the health of the staff, thus saving the company from paying medical insurance and compensation were not budget.

• Enhances staff reliability and engagement

Ergonomic office chair provides a guaranteed comfort and physical health, thus motivating the employees to be more engaged and reliable at work because they trust their health is the first priority at work.

• A conducive working environment

Due to guaranteed safety, comfort, and a conducive environment that instills staff engagement at work while sitting in the adjustable ergonomic office chair, it increases efficiency, leading to more production in the company.

• Promote healthy well-being

A fully adjustable ergonomic office chair promotes the staff’s healthy well-being that will positively reflect their family and relation and engagement. Thus, preserves their energy to spend together with family some quality time after office hours.

• More comfortable

It offers more comfort and reduces back complications; a fully adjustable ergonomic office chair has been designed to provide a correct and healthy seating position. Therefore, provides maximum comfort with reduced hip stress, joint pains, and lower back complications.


Best Fully Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair Reviews

1. Best with Adjustable Footrest – SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair for Comfortable Midday Rest

SIHOO Ergonomic office chair

Sihoo is an office chair designed with an ergonomic swivel headrest that rotates up to 45-degree which can also be adjustable up to 3.9in up and down to protect the neck vertebrae. Furthermore, it has a retractable pedal footrest that provides a flexible range from 9.4-18.1 inches for relaxing your legs at your maximum comfort.

The backrest S-Shape conforms to your spine to release spinal pressure and wide enough to provide full back support. The lumbar support can be tilted/reclined backward from 90-125 degrees. The armrest can move either 3.9in upwards or downwards to raise/lower your shoulder to a comfortable position. Besides, the seat is vertically adjustable up to 10cm with an automatic gas lift.

Best with Adjustable Footrest office chair

The backrest and seat have been incorporated with a mesh cloth of high tensile strength and breathable properties. The backrest and chair seat has been padded with comfortable memory foam. The edge of the seat is designed to provide support to your thighs for long periods of use and releasing hip stress and pressure.

The SIHOO ergonomic chair’s base is made from aluminum alloy material and supported on 360-degree casters whose edges are PU covered for smooth rolling and friendly to all types of floors.

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2. Best for Neck Pain – Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair with Adjustable Headrest

Hbada Ergonomic Office chair

Hbada is ergonomically designed with a 2D swivel headrest that rotates 30 degrees and also adjustable 7cm either upwards or downwards to provide a correct position for your neck and head. The S-Shaped ergonomic backrest can be reclined from 90-155 degrees using a Synchro-tilt, adjusting from an upright angle – resting – to sleeping angle posture. The backrest is also supported with adjustable lumbar support conforming to different torso levels so as to release the back’s pressure and pelvic strain.

The seat is padded with an 8cm thick anti-collapse sponge cushion covered with a mesh to allow efficient airflow, hence keeping you cool and comfortable during the long sessions. It is designed slopping slightly downwards towards the ending of the seat edge to alleviate stress and pressure build up around the knees and hips. Furthermore, it has been equipped with an adjustable armrest, seat, and a pullout footrest.

The frames and base are made of steel metal that guarantees its durability and can hold up to 250lbs. The bottom is supported by 360 degrees 5 caster wheels that are silenced, friendly to all types of floor surfaces, and move fast with easiness. Hbada ergonomic office recliner chair has multiple heights, tilt, lift and lock settings for maximum comfort, correct posture, and body conformation.

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3. Best Affordable – Office Star ProGrid High Back Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Office Star ProGrid High Back office chair

Office star is ergonomically designed with a breathable and sturdy interwoven mesh for maximum air circulation. It is featured with seat sliders that allow adjustment of seat to move forward and back to the original position, thus adjusting the seat depth. This helps in reducing pressure and stress at the pelvis and knees for both taller and shorter users. Furthermore, you change the seat height using a pneumatic control for quick and easy adjustment.

Office star is featured with multi-functional three levers that modify the back angle relative to the seat, control tilt, and forward tilt. The inclination is free to float or locks within a fixed range. The backrest height can be adjusted using ratchet height adjustments. Besides, it has one-touch pressurized control that allows you to fine-tune the seat tilt, seat depth, seat height, and armrests to your specific level for maximum comfort.

The frame and the office starbase are made of sturdy titanium that is strong and can hold up to 250lbs. The swivel caster can rotate 360 degrees in either direction for easy movement across the floor and friendly to all types of floor surfaces.

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4. Best for Home Office – Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Air Circulation

fully adjustable ergonomic office chair

Duramont is an ergonomic office chair with numerous adjustability features that guarantees maximum comfort, correct posture, and spine alignment. You can adjust the inbuilt lumbar support to your desired torso level, and you recline the backrest backward or upright from 90 – 120 degrees using the backrest tilt and lock using tilt tension. The armrests and headrests are adjustable enough to provide a correct posture for your shoulders and neck. The pneumatic control lets you either raise or lower the seat’s height at your desk to a comfortable level.

The seat is padded with thick memory foam and the backrest is upholstered with an ergonomic mesh that is breathable to provide unlimited air circulation, thus keeping you sweat-free and comfortable for more extended periods. The seat is also wide enough, and its edges are designed in a waterfall-like to release stress at your hips. The backrest is S-Shaped, conforming to your back with a sweeping concave headrest for maximum entire spine support, alignment, and comfort.

The base is strong and durable, made from steel metal that can hold up to 330lbs. The bottom is suspended on 360-degree rollerblade five caster wheels that allow you to move quickly across the floor and all surface-friendly.

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5. Best for Shoulder pain – NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable 3D Armrests

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic office chair

Nouhaus ergonomic office chair is designed with advanced 3D armrests which can be adjusted upwards/downwards, forward/backward, and sideways to provide flexibility functions and a correct upper limb resting position. The S-Shaped backrest can be tilted back from 90 – 135 degree angles using a recliner lock and held into place using tension tilt.

The lumbar support is dynamic to respond to any pressure keeping you comfortable and supported throughout the day. The seat height can be adjusted up to about 4in either upwards or downwards via recliner tilt. Furthermore, the headrest is adjustable up and down and angles up and down.

The edge of the seat is waterfall-designed to provide a space between the seat rim and the back of your knee to reduce tension build-up at your knee and the hips. A soft mesh covers the seat and the backrest that is breathable to provide maximum circulation to keep you free from sweat and comfortable for an extended period.

The chair can hold up to 275lbs, which is guaranteed by the 5-point base with double castors rollerblade that gives it more excellent stability and strength over common 4-point, single castor chairs. The base is made from heavy-duty metal and is durable. The rollerblades are all surface-friendly and move quickly and smoothly at 360 degrees at a go.

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6. Best with Massage Lumbar Support – VON RACER Comfortable PU Leather Gaming Chair

VON RACER Comfortable PU Leather office chair

Von racer is an ergonomic massage chair designed with 3D Spine support, adjustable massage lumbar cushion, and headrest cushion that conforms to your neck, shoulders, and lower backrest maximum comfort, support, and spine alignment. It has two lever handles for height adjustment and reclining the backrest from 90 – 135 degrees angle.

Besides, it has a retractable footrest for maximum comfort, and two dimensions adjustable armrest that can move up or down and right or left side for upper limb support while getting in and out of the chair and providing a correct posture while using your desktop or gaming.

It has a unique implant USB electric massager that makes the lumbar cushion useful while massaging your lower back to relieve your fatigue while gaming. The chair boasts a wide flat seat that provides extra space for resting while relaxing. Both the backrest and the seat is padded with soft memory foam covered with PU leather for maximum comfort. To maintain the PU leather, use a wet cloth to wipe off the dust because it is water-resistant.

The base is made from a heavy-duty metal that can support a pressure weight up to 250lbs. Furthermore, the 5- command is supported by 360-degree swivel caster wheels that allow you to access everything across the floor.

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How to Choose a Fully Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair?

Selecting a fully adjustable ergonomic office chair is a bit complicated than the standard office chair because it has an advanced designation. Thus, it would be helpful to acknowledge the following before you settle to purchase a fully adjustable office chair:

– Adjustability features

A fully adjustable ergonomic office chair should have a lever/ pneumatic control to adjust the seat height to different levels. The seat depth should also be wide enough to leave a 5cm/2inch between the seat edge and behind the knee. The backrest should also be featured with a tilt lock located below the seat to incline the backrest backward or forward from an angle of 90 – 175 degrees or to a suitable grade of your torso. Furthermore, it should have a tension knob to increase or decrease the tilt force and also to hold the backrest stable on the inclined angle.

It would help if you also considered adjustable lumbar support that will be flexible to different heights to easily conform to your spine’s lower back, hence providing a correct posture for your torso.

A 3D armrest allows you to adjust up and down, forth and back, and rotate 360 degrees. A 3D armrest gives you more advantage of adventuring different armrest levels and angles that provides more comfort, support, and upper limb alignment.

– The Padding Materials

The materials used for making a fully adjustable ergonomic chair should be of high-quality, tensile, breathable, and thick padded for maximum comfort and lower back pressure absorption. Besides, the upholstery material should also be long-lasting and easy to maintain.

– The Backrest, Seat, and headrest

The backrest should be ergonomically designed in an S-Curve conforming to your spine, thick padded and, breathable enough to provide maximum support to the upper limb and lower back and expose you to a correct lumbar posture. The seat should be padded with a comfortable memory form and the edges ending to resemble a waterfall-design to provide god support of your thigh, hence, alleviating hip tension. The headrest should be concaved and thickly padded to give a full area neck support to ensure your upper limb is comfortable and correctly aligned.

– Base support and flexibility

The base of a fully adjustable ergonomic office chair should be of high-quality material that is strong, durable, and can hold a reasonable amount of pressure weight. This is because not everyone has the same amount of arch in their lower back; hence, consider the chair could be used by different people. The base should also be reinforced with five swivel castor wheels that are friendly to all types of floors and can rotate 360 degrees for easier accessibility to things out of your reach across the office. This is important to prevent repetitive strain injuries caused by getting in and out of the chair and leaning.


Who Needs a Fully Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair?

Fully adjustable chair flexibility and its ergonomic significance are widely recommendable to everyone, but there are some extend of the situation is highly needed by:

fully adjustable desk chair

• The people who their work nature requires them to be calm and seated for long hours while using the office desktop. The designation of a fully adjustable ergonomic office chair is equipped with technology features that provide a correct posture that alleviates stress, neck pain, prevents slouching and lower back complications.

• Those who experience back complications find a fully adjustable office chair to be a total solution because adequate lumbar support with the adjustability features keeps their posture in check, thus providing comfort and support to work for long hours without fatigue and pain.

Sedentary workers who experience aching legs and knees have found a fully ergonomic office chair perfectly suits their work’s nature. This is because the chair’s mobility reduces their movement and is also featured with an adjustable footrest that aligns the knees to a correct position that reduces knee pain.

• Its comfort is essential to the gamers while gaming since it aids the gamers to avoid slouching too much while playing, hence they can use the foot recliner to lift up their feet and tilt back the backrest to a gaming/resting angle of about 120-135 degrees.


On Which Part Can You Adjust the Ergonomic Office Chair?

fully adjustable computer chair

– Adjustable arms

The armrest adjustability depends on the designation of an ergonomic office chair. A push-button usually controls the adjustment of the most armrest to angle or height needed. But only quiet types are controlled by a knob that allows you to either tilt the armrests inwards or outwards, varying with degrees until you achieve a comfortable posture level of your arms.
Changing the angle and the armrest’s height level gives you more opportunity to find ultimate comfort with zero injury chances to your upper limb.

– Adjustable lumbar support

A fully adjustable ergonomic office chair is featured with adjustable lumbar support located behind the backrest on the lower end of your back. The lumbar support can either be adjusted upwards or downwards to fit by manually controlling with your hands until you find an angle that completely conforms to your height and the lower back angle. But some office chairs, more so the advanced ones they have a control knob behind the backrest for adjusting the lumbar support.

– Adjustable height

Some ergonomic office chairs have been designed with a tilt lever located below the chair on either left or right side of the chair. You can either pull upwards or downwards to adjust the height of the office chair. The latest ergonomic office chairs have been designed with a pneumatic control cylinder attached below the seat frame that allows for quick and easy adjustment of the seat height at a specified range.

– Adjustable reclining

Most of the latest ergonomic office chairs offer this feature that allows the users to recline to the position area within a fixed angle of support. To recline to your favorite tip, loosen or tighten the knob located at the backrest stem or frame. Loosening the knob allows you to adjust to the angle you intend to hold on your desired position you tighten the knob. The newer models of office chairs in the market eliminated knobs; instead, they were replaced with Ratchet back height adjustment, which only reclined the lumbar support to the desired level and then locks into position using the ratchet-style frame stem.

– Adjustable wheels

The wheels are adjusted by the rubber stoppers located above the caster wheels. To limit the wheels from moving back and forth; you flip the rubber stopper downwards for the rubbers to hold tight or break the reels, to let casters lose you flip up the stopper. However, some ergonomic chairs do have a control lever stopper just below the seat to control the wheels from moving back and forth.

– Adjustable footrest

The ergonomic office chair footrest most of them are retractable, that is, they are supported upon a pair of parallel movable rails endwise on the chair. Hence you can easily adjust the footrest by pressing your foot forward to adjust to the suitable length fit for you. Even though some footrest like the gaming or massage chair, they can be inclined to different angles by pressing your feet on the footrest downwards until both knees form an upright angle adjacent to the chair or the footrest can incline to suspend the footrest at your favorite angle.



The ergonomic chair’s revolution has protected our well-being by correcting the posture that has become the leading factor contributing to the upper limb and lower back complications. Hence, it is important to acknowledge and embrace using fully adjustable office chairs to wisely prolong our lifespan.


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