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Ways to Make an Old Office Chair More Ergonomic

Statistics carried out by researchers indicate that average office workers sit for at most 15 hours daily in the office. However, this kind of sitting comes with the maximum risk of joints and muscle problems; it can also lead to depression, heart disease, and diabetes. If you spend a lot of time sitting in your office workstation, you need to find a more ergonomic and comfy chair for the entire day. It is suitable that you make your old office chair more ergonomic to avoid the risk of experiencing lower back pain.

Most workers prefer working while sitting the entire day; this is likely to be good for their minds and bodies; hence they invest in making the old office chair more ergonomic. In case you have an uncomfortable chair at your workstation, you can still manage to make them more comfortable without replacing them with new ones. This article will make you more informed about how to make an old office chair more ergonomic. Below are several ways of making an old office chair more ergonomic:

make an old office chair more ergonomic



Ways to Make an Old Office Chair More Ergonomic

Adjust your chair

This is crucial if your office chair is not that old. It is effective and efficient to make sure that you make adjustments on your chairs each day before you settle down to go through your emails. It is appropriate that you adjust the arms, back, height, and seat since it only takes a little time to accomplish. However, it is right for you to understand your workstation chair and go through its manual script.

Note that if you use your chair daily, you will likely outdo the adjustments out within some time. This will make you get fatigued faster than you would have imagined. In case you experience such an incident, take some time to tweak your chair and check if it functions for you. On the other hand, you might also be lucky to find a chair that can serve you for quite a long time. Therefore, when you plan to purchase an office chair, buy the durable one to avoid unnecessary hassles.


Ways to Make an Old Office Chair More Ergonomic


Observe and alter your sitting position

Many people do not know how to sit in their chairs. In case you have a bad sitting posture, you are likely to experience a negative impact, especially on your back, which leads to lower back pain. A bad sitting posture will also make you feel uncomfortable even when the chair perfect for use.

When sitting in the office chair, ensure that you check your sitting posture; if it is bad, it is ideal that you change your posture and sit up straight. Furthermore, you should maintain your feet on the floor; note that a perfect sitting posture is suitable for your back; hence it maximizes your productivity. Therefore, before you go ahead to put your blame on your chair, ensure that you examine your sitting posture and exercise change if need be.

Ways to Make an Old Office Chair More Ergonomic

Invest in a footrest

You might be ignoring that your chair makes you feel uncomfortable, while in the real sense, it is not the actual culprit. Sometimes the issue can be hidden away from you, in that you cannot even notice a simple problem. Not every problem you experience while sitting on your chair means that the problem is with your chair. Sometimes it means that you require a footrest. Your feet should not hang while you are sitting and doing some work on your machine. If this happens, you should make an effort to find a footrest, which will help you have an incredible sitting posture.

Moreover, this will maintain your back aligned and enhance the circulation of blood. Ensure that you choose a perfect footrest option that matches your need as well as the office. With this, you will not experience fatigue since you will comfortably work from your chair.

Use the back support Device

It is appropriate that you purchase the lumber back support, especially for your old office chair. Note that the back support device is much effective if you have back pain. It features a design, which supports the curvature of your entire back whenever you sit in your chair. This device guarantees you more padding. However, the maximum-end office chairs today contain in-built lumbar support for added support. Instead of purchasing a new office chair because of your back, you can consider buying the back support device, and you will ultimately be sitting on your office chair as you accomplish your duties.

On the other hand, when purchasing this chair, ensure that you pick the best to meet your needs and demands efficiently. Ideally, you should select the one with a pure memory Back cushion foam of 100% with an orthopedic design. This can work for you more efficiently since it lowers and relieves back pains. You can opt to use the back support device daily in your car and office according to your preferences.


Eliminate some parts

People differ in size; some are tall, while others are tall. In case you are overweight or tall, ensure that you go for the appropriate model of chair. You might also opt to lose some pounds to handle the problem. Note that this option is not suitable for everyone; to feel more comfortable, you need to make some adjustments. For a better fit, you can eliminate the arm from your old chair.


Add wheels

If you want to make your old office chair more ergonomic, you need to make some modifications. Most workstation chairs come with wheels, but some lack, while others do not work efficiently. It is a sign that you should get new wheels. Note that they will make it easier for you to maneuver around at your workstation. Additionally, they come in various sizes and types, so make an effort to find the perfect one. Additionally, this will enable you to make your old chair more ergonomic without buying a new chair.

Ways to Make an Old Office Chair More Ergonomic

Add the seat cushion

The seat of your chair can make you feel quite uncomfortable whenever you will be working. This means it can be too thin or firm without sufficient padding; it can also lack perfect contours to handle your bodyweight evenly. You can handle this by purchasing an external extra seat cushion. If you cannot stand the cushion of your old office chair anymore, it is appropriate that you buy a set cushion to feel more comfortable. It will help you in relieving pressure and stabilizing your pelvis in your coccyx area whenever you sit. For individuals suffering from herniated discs, hip pain, and sciatica, seat cushions are very beneficial since they make them feel more comfortable. Additionally, this is the perfect way to make your old office chair more ergonomic.


Purchase a new chair

In case you have implemented the entire tips mentioned above, and your office chair does not seem to get any better. The only better option that has remained is for you to purchase a new chair. Before you buy, carry out enough research and settle on the best chair ever that comes with all the features to enable you to feel comfortable.

how to make an old office chair more ergonomic


From the ways mentioned above, you can now make your old office chair more ergonomic. I hope that these tips will enable you to make necessary adjustments to your old office chairs to make them feel more ergonomic. Furthermore, how productive you are likely to depend on how comfortable you will be while working. It is also right that you take breaks between your period of working as you sit to talk a walk for some minimal time.

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