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Trackball VS. Mouse丨Which Proves to be More Ergonomic?

When operating on a computer, you may get tired of using a touchpad, yet due to using a mouse for long hours, it becomes painful. In the need to eliminate the repetitive motion from the mouse, you begin looking for a better solution.

Trackballs are here to solve the problem you have been facing. They are the ergonomic and perfect solution to all users despite their health condition while eliminating pain and discomfort experienced using a mouse. Below is comprehensive information about trackballs. Let’s dive in.

ball mouse


The 2 Types of Trackball Mouse.

  • Thumb operated mouse.

The ball is located at the thumb location while the rest of the mouse looks like a regular mouse. With this accessory, you use the thumb to maneuver the trackball while the fingers click on the left and right buttons. Also, you can move the scroll wheel to move forward or backward. They are designed for right-hand users.

trackball vs mouse

  • Fingers operated mouse.

This is the largest trackball and has the ball located at the center of the mouse. You can control using an index or middle fingers, while the buttons located at the side are left and right buttons usually controlled by a thumb and pinky fingers. Some of the finger trackballs have scroll rings to simplify web page scrolling.

ball mouse

  • Which One to Choose?

Both thumb and finger-operated trackballs qualify to be used as people’s needs vary. Among them are those who would love to thumb to maneuver trackball while the other may deem it challenging but simple on the fingers one.

The only plus about the finger-operated mouse is that it’s ambidextrous where left and right-handers can use and encourage better wrist posture. Thus, choosing a suitable trackball depends on users.


Who is Suitable for Using a Trackball Mouse?

Generally, trackballs can be used by people of all ages who know how a computer operates. Honestly, everyone needs an ergonomic mouse for convenience and the trackball is what you are looking for.

  • People with repetitive strain injuries

However, a trackball mouse is suitable for you if you have existing repetitive strain injuries such as tendentious, carpal tunnel syndrome resulting from using a regular mouse.

  • Old or disabled people

Moreover, a trackball mouse is suitable for old or disabled individuals who cannot hold a mouse firmly while clicking. With a trackball, they can position the cursor at the exact position they want.

  • Workers who are working on a flat surface

If you want in tight places or carry your laptop to areas where a flat surface is minimal then a trackball is suitable for you since it stays completely stationary.

  • People with fatigued fingers or hands

Last but not least, if your fingers or hands get fatigued easily, the trackball design is perfect since you can switch hands to operate.


Advantages of Trackball over the Traditional Mouse.

Even after its invention back in the 20th century, the trackball has shown its usefulness without fail. It has been recognized for its superior functionality over the traditional mouse. Below are the advantages over the traditional mouse.

  • Ergonomics.

For the users who are used to being on the computer all day, when using a traditional mouse it would require movement of the hands that would result in discomfort and pain. However, the trackball is here to save you from all this struggle. Since you only need to roll the ball, and effectively locates the cursor in your screen as you wish. Trackballs are less fatiguing and even suitable for people with conditions like arthritis.

  • Accuracy.

The trackballs have been on the market for so long and they are used greatly by graphic designers. Unlike the traditional mouse where they do not adapt the quality of being exact and accurate as needed, trackball offers ultimate accuracy and precision. Therefore, when they are creating visual concepts, developing layouts, and producing designs, accuracy is guaranteed.

  • Great alternatives to travel mouse.

A trackball has proven to be a great alternative to a travel mouse. Using it does not require much desk space, the moment you place it there is no changing position as you will be rolling them all to place a cursor on the screen. Also, it is a stationary product.

  • Suitable for gaming.

To the lovers of gaming, a trackball is what you require to improve your playing experience. Gaming demands the throwing of the cursor rapidly across the screen in modern computer games and the right mouse is what you need to search. A trackball will help you play with increased precision. Being used to it for a short period will help you increase the speed in playing thus more beneficial than a traditional mouse.


Disadvantages of a Trackball Mouse.

Similar to other products, what has the productive merit parts do not lack its demerit after all. Below, we will focus on the disadvantage of trackball.

  • Large size.

The size of a trackball is bigger than that of a regular mouse. This means that users with small hands might have a problem adapting to the usage. You might find yourself stretching your hands and fingers, which is challenging in controlling effectively.

  • Availability and cost.

Unlike the regular mouse that is available with many options everywhere, the trackball is not common in the market and has fewer options. Besides, those who manufacture it are limited, which means that the cost tends to be high.

  • Control limitations.

Usage of trackball can pose a challenge before getting adapted fully. It might take a while to get full control in operations where simple tasks like copy and paste do not perform well. Also, the finer combination clicks can be a bit harder than regular where you are used to the central trackball. This is because you need to keep one finger on the ball.

  • Left-handed trackballs are difficult to find.

Due to many people being right-handed, most trackballs are manufactured for right-handed people. However, to track a single trackball that is left-handed is very difficult.


Trackball Vs Trackpad.

trackball vs mouse

A trackball and trackpad both act as a pointer device in the computer where they move the cursor to the desired location on the screen. However, both have notable differences on the computer.

A trackball is a hard drive that can be installed and uninstalled by the user. However, the trackpad is a flat surface inbuilt in the laptop/computer that is sensitive to touch.

The trackball is used to make work easier providing more speed in maneuvering on how the laptop is working. It becomes handy since the controlling pointer is hard to use in the touchpad and limited finger movement. A trackball is an accessory you wouldn’t want to miss due to its great input.


How to Best Use a Trackball?

A trackball isn’t similar to the regular mouse as we have established earlier as its pointer is just above the ball. The minute the ball is rolled, it moves the pointer on top. As fast as you can roll the ball, it provides high momentum. The fast your finger is, the fast the pointer will be challenging to control. You should know of different steps to master your trackball.

 Step1:  Check on different styles and ball positions in the market and try them to get the best option. For a laptop that is used day in day out, buy a small trackball which can be used with a single finger. While the larger ball is favorable due to its precision or the larger or dual setup.

 Step2:  Connect your computer with a trackball and find the pointer on the screen. Make sure to fix the eyes on it. Begin rolling the ball slowly until you have a feel of it.

 Step3:  From the software’s and drivers included, change the setting. Ensure that the sensitivity of the ball is optimized according to your need.

 Step4:  Experiment with the buttons, that is right-click, left-click, and other functions to feel how they will be feeling on your palm

 Step5:  Moderately, start using your trackball with a different task. Shift from one task and practice to get better before shifting to another. Enjoy your trackball mouse on the laptop.



Trackballs have proven to be better choices when you are using your computer to move the regular mouse. Despite their ergonomic designs that reduce discomfort and pain, they have more precision and speed that is a key factor for speedy quality outcomes. Now that you know more about trackballs, go grab yours and you won’t regret it.

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