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The 6 Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Lower Back Pain Reviews

Sitting in an office for more than eight hours can give you back pain, and it may end up becoming long-term problems. So that you can relieve the pain of sitting for too long, you need a good ergonomic chair that will be best for your posture and lower back.

Choosing an ergonomic chair can be confusing because there are so many of them. This review will help you make a better position by providing you with the best ergonomic chair reviews.


What Is the Best Ergonomic Office Chair For Lower Back Pain?

#1. Best OverallTicova High Back Ergonomic Desk Chair
“Adjustable lumbar support and headrest support your lower back and neck, enabling comfort sitting experience at work.”

#2. Best RecliningTicova Elastic Lumbar Support Desk Chair
“Elastic lumbar support is the major reason why it fits a person with lower back pain, the reclining design allows you to take a nap.”

#3. Best AdjustableGabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
“Flip-up arms fit small space to use, while the easy-swiveling design brings optimal convenience in chatting.”

#4. Best with FootrestHbada Ergonomic Chairs with Racing Style
“Soft foam seat with multiple reclining allows for more functions in use, breathable mesh brings in fresh air especially in sweat summer season.”

#5. Best Comfortable –  HOMEFUN Executive Comfortable Office Chair
“High-density foam on the seat enables you to sit for a long time without feeling tired, high back design fully supports your back.”

#6. Best For Gaming – Homall Computer Leather Desk Chair
“Adjustable lumbar support and headrest meet the demand for gaming, thick cushions all around to add extra comfort.”


How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Lower Back Pain?

Choosing the best ergonomic chair is very important. There are many things that you should consider before selecting an ergonomic chair, and below are some of them:

ergonomic chair for lower back pain

#1. Ergonomic design

Ergonomic chairs are known for their lower back pain relief and their ability to promote a good posture. A well designed ergonomic chair will align your body and assist you in sitting upright.

#2. Excellent lumbar support

If you have back problems; the right ergonomic chair with lumbar support will significantly help. It will help eliminate any straining while sitting, especially during those long hours at the office. Lower back pain can be very discomforting, and sitting in an ergonomic chair with lumbar support will be extremely helpful.

#3. Supportive Seat Cushion

The ergonomic seat you buy should come with quality cushions that will support your thighs and buttocks. The pillow should make you feel like you are sitting in a plush but yet still firm. That will help you focus on your given task without having to experience sitting discomfort.

Many chairs come with cushions that are comfortable for your lower back, but the best one should be durable and stable. A wobbly chair will not only be uncomfortable to sit on but also you won’t get any peace of mind. Ensure that it is made by a reputable manufacturer so that you can be sure that you get the best ergonomic seat for lower back pain.

Even though an ergonomic chair will help with your back pain, staying active is also a great help. Ensure that you move around to exercise your body as sitting for a long time is the leading cause of lower back pain.


What Types of Ergonomic Office Chair is Best for Lower Back Pain?

Below are different types of ergonomic office chairs that will help relieve your lower back from pain.

best ergonomic chair for lower back pain

  • Big and tall ergonomic office chairs

This type of ergonomic chair can be easily distinguished from the rest because of its larger design capable of supporting tall heavier people. Their materials are studier and extra-thick compared to others, which is why they give excellent back support.

If you are a tall person who needs an ergonomic chair to help them with their lower back pain, then these are the types you should look at first.

  • Kneeling ergonomic office chairs

These types of ergonomic chairs are designed with both knees and sit rest; hence, you slightly bend forward when you sit. That way, your neck, back, and should are aligned correctly, helping reduce back pain.

When you sit in this posture, your weight is distributed evenly between your knees and pelvis hence relieving pressure from your back. That means you will be comfortable working for longer hours, and the sitting position will not feel unnatural.

  • Drafting ergonomic office Chairs

Many artists stand while they work, as sitting for too long may affect their health. Standing desks allow you to stand while working, sit, and even rest without stopping your work. Their height is great for the movement and transition from standing to sitting. They are great for back, and lower limbs support; hence you can count on them for lower back pain relief.

  • Saddle ergonomic office Chairs

Saddle ergonomic chairs are shaped in the form of a horse without a backrest and armrests. The chairs are padded, and their heights can be adjusted.

when you sit on them, your legs naturally drop down and widen to help keep your back straight. That ensures that there is excellent blood circulation, and it ends up helping people with lower back pain.


How to Sit on Ergonomic Office Chair for Lower Back Pain Relief?

ergonomic office chairs for lower back pain


To maintain a correct posture, you need active muscles; slumping back or slouching forward may strain your muscles, discs, ligaments, and other parts of your back. Poor posture will increase the amount of stress on your back, which increases the pressure placed on other parts of your body, including your neck and shoulders.

  • Ensure that you sit closer to your working desk
  • Your head should always be upright
  • Your hands should be rested at a 90 degrees angle to your desk
  • The upper part of your arms should be parallel to your spine
  • Ensure your legs are placed 90 degrees above your ankle.

If you adjust yourself to sit precisely, as mentioned above, you are sitting correctly.

When it comes to your bottom, ensure that it is pressed against your chair’s back and put a cushion to help your lower back. Lower back support is essential and having an ergonomic chair is not enough if you don’t know how to sit on it properly.

If you follow the above guidelines correctly, then you will, for sure, get relief for your lower back pain.


Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Lower Back Pain Reviews

#1. Best with Ergonomic Headrest – Ticova Office Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support

high back ergonomic chairs


  • Quality mesh and unique headrest
  • Ergonomic armrest and backrest
  • Comfortable seat design
  • Adjustable mesh chair
  • Larger support area

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  • The Ticova ergonomic office chair is comfortable and adjustable so that you can set it in a position that is best for your back.
  • This adjustable mesh chair is excellent as you can adjust the depth, height, headrest angle and size, armrest height, tilting angle, and cushion height.
  • The rocking resilience can also be adjusted to the position that you are most comfortable with.
  • Unlike other ergonomic chairs, this chair is made with a high-density foam that is 3 inches together with a waterfall edge design so that you can get a larger surface area, and the pressure will be divided to the thighs and hips.


  • High quality and durable material
  • 30-day money-back guaranteed
  • Relief from lower back pain
  • Breathable material
  • One year warranty


  • Expensive

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#2. Best Reclining – Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair with Elastic Lumbar Support

ergonomic office chairs for lower back pain


  • Ergonomic head and backrest
  • Comfortable arm and seat rest
  • Metal back and unique mesh
  • Adjustable office chair
  • Neck and head support

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  • This adjustable lumbar support chair is made with quality materials so that you can use it to support your back for a very long time.
  • From the seat cushion height to the headrest angle ad height, position this adjustable chair to the position that you prefer best.
  • The backrest is made of spring to fit your spine and give you elastic lumbar support correctly while the curved foam headrest will ensure that your neck and head are comfortable.
  • Unlike other types of ergonomic chairs, this elastic office chair is made of 3 inches of high density so that you can have a larger surface area of sitting.


  • 30 days money back guaranteed
  • Eases back pain and fatigue
  • Stronger bearing capacity
  • Elastic lumbar support
  • One year warranty
  • Breathable mesh


  • The back is not padded.

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#3. Best Swivel – Gabrielle Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair 

high back ergonomic office chairs


  • Adjustable flip-up armrest
  • Durable and stylish design
  • Ergonomic office chair
  • Four supporting points
  • Proper lumbar support
  • Breathable mesh chair

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The all-mesh design gives you total comfort during the hot summers and is suitable for long working hours.

  • This quiet chair rolls very smoothly and is excellent for the workplace where there is zero noise tolerance.
  • The PU casters are of very high quality hence will not destroy your floors.
  • The gas lift was tested severally to ensure that it is safe and reliable and it passed SGS certification.
  • The chair’s base passed the 2504 lbs. test, and its maximum capability is 280 lbs, which is pretty heavy.


  • More extensive than other types of chairs
  • Suitable for a long hour sitting
  • Suitable for tall people
  • High-quality materials


  • A bit expensive

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#4. Best Height Adjustable – Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair For Lower Back Pain

ergonomic chairs for lower back


  • Neck and waist support
  • Adjustable office chair
  • Increased adjustability
  • Ergonomic recliner
  • Breathable mesh

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  • Hbada’s seat is environmentally friendly, comfortable, and stylish.
  • An 8cm thick cushion and 2D adjustable headrest make you feel like you are sitting on a comfortable working sofa.
  • The office chair features a tilt recliner that increases the angle between your thighs and your torso for an ergonomic and comfortable sitting position.
  • With the breathable mesh, you get an increased airflow that will keep you cool and comfortable all day.


  • Durable and stable frame
  • Quick and easy movement
  • Larger surface area


  • The seat cushions are thin.

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#5. Best For Lower Back Pain – HOME FUN Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support

long back ergonomic office chairs


  • Designed for all types of people
  • Comprehensive support
  • Ergonomic recliner
  • Modern and stylish look
  • Upgraded version

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  • HOME FUN features a breathable back mesh that will upgrade your lumbar support for flexible working.
  • The one piece of the plastic back is so that you get supportive headrest, neck, and back support all in one piece.
  • For excellent stability and mobility, the chair comes with a 360-degree swivel and nylon smooth-rolling casters with litter noise.
  • The recliner locking system works better to keep the height and backrest in place which is able to use it for long hours without getting tired.


  • Extra thickened padding
  • Safe and reliable
  • Heavy-duty base
  • Easy to assemble


  • The headrest is not adjustable

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#6. Best For Gaming – Homall Leather PC Task Office Chair

best ergonomic gaming chairs


  • High quality and durable materials
  • Durable, reliable, and supportive
  • Multi-functional office chair
  • Upgraded configuration

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  • Homall Gaming office chair can extend to the back’s full length for supporting your shoulders, neck, and head.
  • The furniture’s quality is PU leather, which means it is durable and will last you a long time.
  • The tilt locking adjusts up to 180 degrees, and the chair also comes with a height-adjustable gas spring cylinder.
  • The office chair is ergonomically and orthopedically designed so anyone with severe back pain can use it with lower back pain relief.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Flexible and adjustable
  • Relief from lower back pain
  • Orthopedically and ergonomically designed


  • Some parts of the chair are not adjustable.

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