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Top 6 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Bad Backs Reviews with Lumbar Support Design

Spending your day in an office typically includes spending a lot of your time sitting in an office or workplace chair, a position that aids stress to some structures in your spine. Therefore, to avoid compounding or developing back problems, it’s crucial to have an office or workplace chair that’s ergonomically designed to support your lower back and aid a good posture.

This means a lot to your productivity and health; a wrong or poorly designed chair will expose you to back pains and a lot of discomfort during and after the job. That is why you need the best ergonomic office chairs for bad backs.

What Are the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Bad Backs?

Quick Pick on the 6 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Bad Backs


What Types of Ergonomic Office Chairs Should I Pick for a Bad Back?

There are various types of office chairs available for use in the house or office space. But there is no specific type of office chair that can claim to offer the best; however, there are some types that over better features for your back pains. Here are some types of ergonomic office chairs you should always pick for a bad back.

ergonomic office chair for back pain

1 Traditional Ergonomic Office Chair

Traditional ergonomic chairs always have an adjustable height, a swivel design, and a standard backrest with a tilt extension. The backrest is specifically designed to offer lumbar support and other spine requirements. Besides, the chair has a curved design that allows your spine contouring.

Many designs of this model have a backrest of approximately 20 to 30 inches in height; this is important because it offers a good spine and optimal support to your body. The traditional ergonomic chair adopted the name because of its initial design that used natural and computer simulation to design an exact human spine.

Lastly, many models have armrests for additional support while typing or working on your computer. Drafting chairs, executive office chairs, and balance balls are some of the most preferred traditional ergonomic office chairs in the market.

2 Kneeling Ergonomic Office Chairs

The knee ergonomic or kneeling office chairs are designed to hold your body in a position that is exact to kneeling. In this, they have a seat pad and a knee rest. When you sit on knee ergonomic chairs, your hips are slightly pushed forward by your knees, and the seat has an extension for your new adjustment. They are equipped with a knee pad that allows your back, shoulders, and neck to align.

With these alignments, your body weight is distributed throughout the chair, making it more comfortable and less stressful. The seat also incorporates an adjustable height feature that allows people to adjust to any height while working in an office space. Leather ergonomic office chairs, mesh ergonomic office chairs, and kneeling chairs are examples of ergonomic knee options in the market.

3 Saddle Ergonomic Chairs

Saddle office chairs adopted their name from their design and make. The office chair has the shape of a horse saddle and has no backrests. They also have no armrests; they only allow you to adjust the seat height and rotate a full 360 while working with more than one table. When you sit on these ergonomic models, your feet drop down and experience an even pressure distribution exerted by your body, holding a straight posture.

Besides, other benefits this is the only ergonomic office chair designed to allow your body to have normal blood circulation, and they are recommended for people with heart problems. Guest chairs, stacking chairs, and task chairs make up the best and most preferred saddle office chairs in the market.


Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Bad Backs Reviews

Buying can be easy and simple, but picking the best ergonomic chairs for bad backs requires comprehensive research. We sampled out the best options in the market, and here are the top six best ergonomic choices for your office.

1. Best Cheap – Smugdesk Ergonomic Office Chair with Padding Armrest

mesh ergonomic office chairs

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The Smugdesk Office Chair is an ideal office chair designed to offer proper sitting posture for pack-pain people. The seat has a flexible adjustment with pneumatic controls that make the whole design easier to lower and raise your office chair.

It is equipped with a full 360 degrees ability to rotate around, allowing you to access more than one workstation. Unlike other ergonomic seats, the Smugdesk Office Chair has a soft material that gives you a comfortable mesh with a durable upholstery sleek.

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2. Best with Massage – Big and Tall 500lbs Ergonomic Desk Chair with Leather Material

best ergonomic office chairs

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The tall and big ergonomic office chair with soft PU leather upholstery has a unique appearance that offers an extra thick and softer cushion for a maximum and comfortable posture. The executive office chair comes with a commercial-grade that can support any weight up to 500lbs.

Additionally, the seat has a simple set-up procedure that includes basic hardware installation, or you can use the manual in the box when installing your office chair. Unlike other market options, this model has a strong material that resists deformation, thus keeping the seat in good shape for a long.

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3. Most Comfortable – NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support For Back Pain

high back ergonomic office chair for back pain

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The NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair comes with an adjustable height feature allowing the users to raise or lower the seat depending on their workstation’s height. The seat also has a super-soft cushion that provides comfort and maximum support to the user’s spine.

It is equipped with a 360 degrees full rotation ability allowing the user to access more than one work desk. Besides, the NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair comes with a simple set up procedure that doesn’t require any installation process.

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4. Best For Bad Backs and Necks – Tribesigns Mesh High Back Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Armrest

best ergonomic chairs for bad backs

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The Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair is a mesh model with strong lumbar support tri-design options with a high back desk ability to hold and fit any office user. The seat can have a full 360 rotation allowing office workers to access more office workstations. The design also has a strong and adjustable armrest, headrest, and backrest to ensure it fits all your office users.

Unlike other brands with only the adjustable height feature, the Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair offers additional adjustments to the backrest and the headrest. Lastly, the seat also has a simple set-up procedure that includes simple lowering and raising the seat height for different user’s workstations.

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5. Best For Gaming – Homall Gaming Ergonomic Office Chair with Swivel and Headrest Design

ergonomic computer office chairs

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The Homall Gaming Ergonomic Office Chair is equipped with 360 degrees of rotational ability giving a gamer or an office worker the ability to operate more than one workstation. The chair also is designed with soft and durable material to ensure you have a comfortable working environment and a longer life span of the seat.

The Homall Gaming Ergonomic Office Chair has an adjustable backrest, armrest, and height, making it the best choice for both gamers and office workers. The seat has a high-density shaping form that provides elasticity and service life, making this brand the bet for all-conference options.

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6. Best Multifunctional – XUER Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support For Bad Backs

comfortable ergonomic office chairs

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The XUER Ergonomic Office Chair comes with a cozy and strong lumbar which provides your spine with a natural curve. The chair is also equipped with a 3D armrest and a computer desk design that allows office workers to reach or adjust the seat for new heights, depending on their desks. The chair also offers multi-functional features such as adjustable heights and a full 360 rotational ability.

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How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Bad Backs?

In your first step towards buying, the office chair’s conventional design and style should be the key, but several factors should guide you when choosing an ergonomic chair. We’ve sampled out some of the key elements, and here are some of your choosing tips;

ergonomic gaming chairs for bad backs

1 The Seat Height

When looking for an office/ergonomic chair, you should always consider a flexible option. Pneumatic adjustment models are the best choices to pick anytime you step into any ergonomic shop. Keeping in mind that the best height should always range from 15 to 20 inches off the office floor, your seat should at least meet this standard. This is vital to anyone as it helps the user have her or his feet held flat on the office floor, with arms and thighs horizontal with the working desk’s height.

2 The Seat Depth and Width

The office seat you buy should at least have enough depth and width to support any user. The pressure exerted by the user or the body’s weight is determined by the cross-section area and depth of the office chair. It is then wise to have approximately 18 to 25 inches wide, which is also a standard requirement. On the other hand, the depth should provide the user with a comfortable back and spine rest, and it is always recommended to be 2 to 5 inches the distance between the seat and the knee. The backward or forward tilt of the ergonomic chair should be adjustable.

3 Lumbar Support

Lower back support in an office chair is very crucial. The user’s lumbar spine has an inward curve, and resting for long periods without a good and comfortable curve tends to increase slouching; this flattens the normal curve in your spine and introduces stains in your lower spine. The best office chair should have a lumbar adjustment for both depth and height so each office user can get a comfortable fit to his/her inward curve.

4 Backrest

The overall backrest of an office ergonomic chair should be at least 13 to 20 inches wide. If the backrest is separate from the chair by any chance, it should be at least adjustable in angle and height. It should also offer support of the user’s spine’s natural curve while keeping the attention on proper support in the lumbar region; it is wise to have a stronger backrest. If the backrest you choose has a backrest and a seat pad fitted together with a locking ability, pick the one with a backward design as it offers an appropriate angle.


How to Sit Comfortably on an Ergonomic Office Chair with Bad Backs?

A poor sitting posture like slumped shoulders, curved spine, and protruding neck is the top culprit of back pains that many office team experiences. It is vital to be mindful or to understand the essence of good sitting posture throughout your workday. Away from reducing back pains and improving your general physical health, a good sitting posture also boosts your self-confidence and moods. Here’s how to sit well on an ergonomic office chair for bad backs;

  • Adjust the ergonomic office chair height so that your feet are flat on the floor and your knees slightly lower than your hips.
  • Ensure you sit up straight and keep your thighs back in the seat
  • The back of the ergonomic chair should at least be reclined 100 to 120 degrees.
  • Ensure your workstation is close to or directly near you or a place you can hold.
  • Ensure that your neck stays in a relaxed and neutral position; your workstation should be at least in an arms reach and always sit at least 20 inches from your working table.
  • Always relax your shoulders and be keen on any movement that might expose your spine away from its natural curve.


Can Sit on an Ergonomic Office Chair Relieve My Back Pain?

The first cause of back pain is your sitting posture, and yes, sitting properly in an ergonomic chair can be used as a back-pain therapy. But this depends entirely on the type of office chair you buy and how you sit on the same chair. Use the above guide on how to sit on an ergonomic and consider the following.

  1. Close your eyes while sitting with your head facing your workstation.
  2. Ensure at any given moment that your neck is straight and if you feel some pain take a walk around, then come back.
  3. Always give yourself breaks whenever you feel like your back is hurting because the true healing power is within you and the chair you are sitting on.



When buying or choosing an ergonomic office chair for your employees, it is wise to pick the best. Each seat you pick has a different effect on your spine, and the best way to give yourself the best office chair is through understanding the market and different options available.

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