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How to Pick Best Office Chair for Short People with Back Problems

If you are a short person and have a back problem, sitting on the standard office chairs can be quite challenging when reaching the working table. But no need to worry since there are some office chairs designed for short people who experience back problems. These chairs are comfortable to sit for long as they have cushioning and provide ample support to the seating area and the back.

The office chairs are adjustable in height, making it easy for different heights, including short people achieving the right height for easy reach and working position in the office. These office chairs come in different styles, whereby some are crafted with mesh back section to allow airflow, while others feature padding at the back for support.

In this article, we are going to review the top six best office chairs for short people with back problems and all information regarding these models of chairs.

What Types Of Office Chairs Best Suit Short People With A Back Problem?

Kneeling chair

The kneeling chair is a uniquely crafted chair that trains one on how to maintain the right sitting posture when seated. The kneeling chair has a padded seat and a padded kneeling part that supports the body so you can keep an upright posture.

The kneeling chair helps reduce back pains associated with bad posture since you have to position your back in a vertical form to attain the right balance when seated on the chair.

Saddle chair

The saddle chairs are another category of office chairs ideal for eliminating back pains and injuries associated with bad sitting posture. The saddle chairs have a hydraulic lift to adjust the height of the chair for comfortable reach. Some saddle chair models are tiltable so that one can set it in the right position for better access.

They have casters for smooth maneuvering around the desk when working. Note that these chairs do not have back essential to train one to maintain a good upright posture.

The core chair

As the name states, the core chair is designed to exercise your core for the right balance and prevent lower back problems. The back section of this chair has a slightly raised backrest that provides support to the lower back while helping one to maintain an upright posture when seated. The core chairs have casters for smooth movements and are adjustable to suit various heights.

What Makes the Best Office Chair for Short Person?

An office chair for short people should have various features and designs to accommodate their height without compromising their comfort and support. So, what should n office chair for a short person have?

  • The chair should be adjustable in height for comfortable reach when working on different desks
  • The chair should have padding to provide ample support when seated for long hours
  • The chair should have a supportive backrest to relieve pressure and straining when seated
  • Consider getting a chair that has armrests for comfort when seated

What Problems Do Short People Face With The Standard Or Regular Office Chairs?

Lack of comfort

The short people are unable to get enough support for comfort when seated on regular office chairs. This is because the standard chair has a backrest that is a bit high and further from the seat, making it impossible to lean back and at the same time work. A short person can only work while leaning in front to access the working table and the computer.

Back injuries

Not being able to lean and rest the body when working causes back problems since you end up straining the spine when you curve the back. Also, the person is unable to maintain an upright posture, which leads to back injuries.

How To Sit Comfortably On An Office Chair For Short People With Back Problems?

If you have had a back injury or back pain, you need to align the back in the upright position to eliminate pain and prevent further injuries. For a short person, how do you attain a proper sitting angle for comfort when working in an office while still preventing further back hurt and pain?

Adjust the chair

If the chair has the tilt adjustment mode, make sure to tilt the backrest until you achieve the right angle that conforms to your back to provide perfect support. Make sure to recline it slightly so you can eliminate too much stiffness on the lower back, which is the main affected area when seated. If the chair has a footrest, you can rest your feet to prevent hanging them and provide the right weight balance to the body.

Best Office Chair For Short People With Back Problems Review

1. AmazonBasics Mesh Mid Back Adjustable Swivel Office Desk Chair

This office chair is suitable for short people suffering from lower back pain since the backrest starts in the midsection to provide exceptional support to relieve pressure on the lower back.

Special features

Mesh structure at the back

This chair is comfortable to sit and lean on for a long time since it has mesh materials at the back for a smooth flow of air when seated. Thus, you can comfortably lean on the seat for a long time without feeling too much heat.

Adjustable chair structure

It is comfortable to work and reach the table, thanks to the adjustable height on the chair. This also makes it fit short people since they can increase the height for comfortable reach on the table.

Dual wheels caster

The chair has dual-sealed caster wheels for convenient access of items around the working table without necessarily getting up. The sealing on the wheels secures the floor when you drag the chair while seated.


This chair has a durable and robust frame to accommodate a weight of up to 225 pounds
The chair is adjustable in height and width
It has mesh material that allows airflow for comfort in hot seasons
Assembling the chair is easy with a manual guide


The armrests on this chair are not adjustable, making it uncomfortable to lean when working or resting.

2. Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Mesh Computer Chair

Get the perfect support when seated for long in the office by getting this fantastic chair. It has a contoured backrest that keeps the back in the right sitting position for comfort and relieves pressure. The height is also adjustable, so even short individuals or kids can get a perfect seating position.

Special features

The backrest features an upright style to relieve back pain

The backrest of this chair is crafted to ensure one is comfortable when seating by positioning the body in an upright posture to relieve pain and eliminate straining

Ergonomic style

The chair features an ergonomic style that provides a comfortable sitting area to fit various activities. You can use the chair when working in the office, gaming, and even studying.

Sturdy frame structure

This chair is made with high-quality material that can hold a weight of up to 250 pounds


This chair comes with a 90 days warranty for quality assurance
It is easy to assemble, and the pack comes with joining tools
This chair has an ergonomic style to accommodate various activities
The chair is comfortable and relieves back pains.


The padding on this chair is not thick making it uncomfortable for some people especially when sitting or long

3. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Ergonomic Task Office

If you need a chair for gaming to use in a study room or an office, this right here is a good option. The chair is adjustable in height to accommodate short people, and the structure of the backrest provides a comfortable leaning space to support people with back problems.

Special features

The chair offers lumbar support

The chair is comfortable to sit on for long since it provides lumbar support to suit individuals with lower back problems. This also fits people involved in gaming and those who work for long in the office.

Mesh-like back structure

The backrest of this chair has mesh materials that allow excellent airflow for breathability purposes. Thus, you can comfortably lean on the chair for long without feeling heat build-up on the back.

Adjustable height

The height of the chair is adjustable, so different heights can achieve a comfortable sitting position for easy reach of the working table.


Assembling this chair takes a few minutes with the manual guide
It provides lumbar support ideal for people with lower back pains
The backrest has airflow for breathability purposes
The height of the chair is adjustable for comfortable reach when seated


This chair has flimsy design and may not support people with heavyweights of up to 200 pounds

4. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

This is another reliable chair ideal for short people with a back issue. The chair provides excellent support, so one can work or do other activities on a desk.

Special features

Adjustable seat

This is one of the reasons why the chair fits short people. You can efficiently adjust its height to reach the desk when working.

Breathable-mesh back

The backrest on this chair features the mesh material that allows free flow of air for breathability purpose

Easy to assemble

Assembling the parts of the chair is easy since the package comes with joining manuals and tools.


This is an ergonomic chair to fit multiple working activities
The height is adjustable to accommodate short people
The chair has lumbar support ideal for people with a back problem


This chair is super expensive if you compare it with other support office chairs.


These are the best office chairs for short people with back problems. The chairs adjust in height so one can get the right height to reach the working station. The chairs also have excellent padding for ample support to relieve pressure on the back. Some models have mesh materials that allow excellent airflow for breathability purposes.

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