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What Chairs Are Suitable For Short People?

When your height is shorter than it would be best to use a chair that fits you best especially if you are spending a lot of your time sitting on the chair. Selecting a suitable office chair would thus be your priority!

There are many brands of office chairs available on the market, but you have to see why you need an office chair in the first place. You should know what to look for when buying the office chair for your everyday use. You also have to keep an eye on the types of office chairs available on the market for your size. However, it’s important for you to first define the short and then select accordingly.

Why Do You Need An Office Chair For Short People?

The height of the short people is different and they are using the wrong size of the chair if they sit on a chair that doesn’t fit them best. There are many reasons for using the chair of the correct size. Think of your life and how you are spending most of your time. Isn’t it by sitting for long hours! If so, it’s important that you are using the perfect chair for your height. You deserve the best after all!

The standard office chair might be too big for you and thus, it won’t provide the best support to your back and spine.

It’s possible that the size of the chair is too big and thus your feet won’t be reaching the ground.

Sitting in a chair that is much larger than your size would be quite uncomfortable. When you don’t wear the wrong sized shoes or clothes then why sit in the chair of the wrong size.

If you are not sitting in the correct posture then you might feel fatigued while working. It’s exhausting to sit for long hours and work 5 days a week.

Lumbar support is important when you are sitting. If the office chair is not providing you the required support then it won’t be ideal.

In short, you can say that for a better posture and for spine health it’s important to invest the chair of the right size. If you are using the chair of the wrong size for working, reconsider and it would be best to invest in a new one. If you are working from the home office and find it unnecessary to use a different chair that suits you best, think again! It’s time to think about your own self. If you are already having aches consult your doctor especially if it’s bothering you a lot.

What To Look For When Buying An Office Chair For Short People?

The selection of an appropriate office chair is important as a person whether short or tall is spending most part of their day at the office while sitting on the chairs. Just like when you buy anything when buying an office chair for short people you have to think about a variety of features and specifications.


You have to focus on the size while selecting the office chair.

A perfect chair would fit perfectly and would be as per your height and weight.

It would be great for your spine. In fact, it would be possible to feel the difference when you would start using the chair of your correct size.


The material used in the making of the chair for short people should be of high-quality.

The material should be durable. You can see the user experience to get an idea about the material of the office chair for short people.

The cushions should be of premium quality. While sitting you can actually feel the softness and comfort.

Structure of Backrest

It’s an important feature to consider when selecting the office chair.

You can opt for the leather backrest or the mesh backrest depending on your preferences.

No matter how the chair looks, you have to see what’s best for your comfort.

Adjustable Knobs

Check out another feature when selecting the office chairs for short people and it’s the adjustable knobs.

You have to see if the adjustable knobs are included for adjusting the height of your chair.

If you are not sure of this feature, you have to check the product details for more information.

What Are The Most Trusted Office Chairs for Short People Brands?

When selecting the office chair for short people, you might be looking for trusted brands.

#1. Herman Miller

#2. Steelcase

#3. Humancase

Let’s dig in to know more about these brands of chairs:

#1. Herman Miller

There is a 12 year warranty available for the parts and labor. So you can buy this brand with confidence.

The office chairs have ergonomic design and you would be able to get the support according to your height.

#2. Steelcase

For the steelcase products, you can get some information on the warranty here.

The chairs are designed to give you better support.

#3. Humancase

You can find chairs with warranties extending over 15 years.

If you are looking for comfort, it can definitely be on your list. It’s wise to invest in the right product for your health.

Buy from reputable sources so there would be less chance of disappointment on your purchase.

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of manufacturers available on the market. When selecting the brands you have to see what they are famous for.

If a certain chair by a trusted brand has the best reviews from the users then it would be a good idea to look into it!

Do you own research of the brands too since everybody has a favorite brand and you might have too? You can consider the brand you like and prefer the most for your office chair.

What Are The Different Types of Office Chairs For Short People?

Over the years you can see that the world is changing. There is the development and you would hear of innovations every now and then. It’s interesting how the manufacturers have made it possible to carefully select and build the chair that is best for the user experience.

Ergonomic Chair

The purpose of the ergonomic chair is to provide ergonomic support to the user.

Such kinds of chairs are made by professionals and would take into account various factors.

Such chairs are a result of thorough research by the experts so you can expect it to be a great fit for you.

Chair With Adjustable Seat Height

When selecting the chairs you have to see whether the height of the seat is adjustable or not.

If the height is adjustable it would be possible for you to adjust as per your requirements.

When searching the office chairs, check out the product details if such a feature is available. If the height is adjustable it becomes a lot easier to work.

Chairs With Seat Tilt

When selecting the office chairs you have to focus on the seat tilt.

There shouldn’t be pressure on your pelvic area. With the seat tilt feature in the office chairs, it would be possible to sit comfortably without much tension.

Chairs With Lumbar Support

Make sure the chair you plan on selecting is providing lumbar support.

For some of the brands, you might observe the focus on the lumbar support for the health of your spine.

Conference Chair

When you have to attend a conference, the office chairs should reflect style and elegance so you have to select accordingly.

If you plan on selecting the office chair then you have to see what brands are offering all the features like lumbar support, adjustable design, and a lot more for the conference chairs.

Standing Chair

The standing chair would be suitable for high tables so if that’s what you are looking for, make sure you aim for comfort.

It can help in reducing fatigue.

Chairs With Low Back, Mid Back, and High Back

If you are focused on getting the chair with your lower back then such a chair would be suitable for your lower back.

For the protection of your spine, you can opt for the chair with the mid-back.

The high back chair would also be vital for keeping the spine straight.

How To Use It?

When you have got the office chair of your choice the next step would involve using it. You have to use it in such a way that you make the most of it.

The first thing that you need to do when you have to use the office chair is to assemble it once you get it!

You have to be sure that the installation process would be easier and could be managed by you.

Gather all the items in one place. Make sure you are using the instructions manual or guide. Plus, it would be a good idea to play a video tutorial on the side so that you can visually see the relevant step-by-step guide.

Just follow the instructions and your chair would be ready to use!

Before you sit and start working on your chair make sure you have adjusted the height as per your ease.

The backrest should support your back. You also have to focus on the height of your desk, resting eye level since you would be using the computer, and a lot more!

If the installation process of the chair is too complicated you can ask someone to help you, but the instruction would be clear from the video too.

How To Clean and Care?

Cleaning and caring for the office chair is important as it is an integral part of your life. Since you would be sitting on the office chair every day there would be sweating and there are chances of germs and bacteria too.

To clean and care for the office chair you have to see whether the material used is leather or mesh fabric. Both items are different and thus, would be cleaned accordingly.

For cleaning the leather office, you would simply need to use a damp cloth.

Just wipe the surface of the leather chair with a damp cloth and clean it.

If you are trying to clean it gently every day or every other day, it would be possible to maintain your office chair for a long time.

You can also buy chair cleaning products from the market. The purpose of such products is to help you keep your chair clean and in a top-notch condition.

It might seem easy to just clean the leather chair with the damp cloth, but it is important for you to keep in mind that when you are using the leather chair it would be wise not to add too much pressure on the leather.

On the other hand, if you are using the mesh office chair then it would be possible for you to disassemble the parts of the chair.

You can simply wash the parts of your mesh office chair. You can use soap and water too!

By washing the mesh chair, you would be getting rid of odor, germs, and bacteria. But don’t forget to put the chair under sunlight. You don’t want the water to stay inside your office chair.

Maintaining cleanliness is important whether it’s your house or the office chair. The office chair that’s as per your height and weight can be the best fit. Make sure you take your time to select the best one out there. Plus, there is a huge variety available on the market. You can also select the cleaning products that would be suitable for the type of chair you own.


When you are selecting the clothes of your size, shoes of your size and a lot more then why not invest in the right chair of your size. There are various features to consider when selecting the office chair for short people. Depending on what exactly you are looking for, it would be possible to select the chair that would be a perfect fit for you. When you are spending most part of your life sitting and working, you deserve to sit in the right chair. It would be wise to check the relevant dimensions and features when you are selecting the chair for your use.

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