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Top 6 Best Ergonomic Office Stool Reviews & Buying Guides

There are numerous instances that indicate that sitting for too long in your stool can elevate the chances of developing cardiovascular disease and also deteriorate back pain. Most people spending long hours seated develop joint pains, spinal misalignment, and neck pains.

An ergonomic office stool is a great investment in your comfort, health as well as productivity. This article will answer your questions about ergonomic office stools and at the same time review some of the best ergonomic office stools.

best ergonomic stool


Are Stools Ergonomic?

Yes, stools are ergonomic. An ergonomic stool, as the word suggests, ensures secure movements while you are seated or rather perched on it. Moreover, ergonomic stools ought to be properly padded on the sitting surface and at the same time having sloping edges to prevent cutting off the air circulation in your legs while perched on it.

ergonomic stool for back pain

Ergonomic stools are great for individuals who stand while working, and they have an adjustable height that enables you to perch for a while in case your feet feel tired. Ergonomic office stools allow you to prevent putting too much stress or strain on your legs, back, and feet by having occasional rests on your ergonomic stool.

When you use ergonomic stools in the right way, they engage your core muscles that you use when walking in a perfect way. Generally, there are ergonomic office stools with these features and you just have to do your homework well.


Is a Stool Better for Posture?

Is a Stool Better for Posture

Yes. Ergonomic stools allow better posture when in different works such as office work, when working in an upright position, and when working close to the floor. Alternating between a standing posture and a resting posture minimizes discomfort and at the same time decreases the strain that is placed on your knees, ankle joints spine, and hips.

An ergonomic stool meant for office work allows you to sit in a position that eliminates pressure on your joints including your lower back. The stools with a backrest have it aligned according to the contours of your spine thus enabling you to sit with a better posture.


Who Needs the Ergonomic Office Stool?

Who Needs the Ergonomic Office Stool

If you spend many hours, that is, more than 40 hours in a week seated then you will need an ergonomic office chair. Below are some instances that will require you to have an ergonomic office stool:

– Employees in the chair for long hours.

Statistics indicate that 86% of employees are not comfortable with their sitting stools or chairs and more than half would wish for a change. One way to appreciate your staff is by providing them with an ergonomic office stool for their health priority.

– Workers in a fast-paced environment.

If you are working in a fast-paced environment, you will need an ergonomic office stool. One with wheels and a small frame will be ideal to maneuver at every corner of your workspace.

– People with health issues.

If you have any health issues including spinal injuries, certainly you will need an ergonomic office stool. This is important in relieving pressure on your joints and muscles while seated.


Why Do You Need an Ergonomic Office Stool?

best ergonomic stool

Below are the reasons for having an ergonomic stool.

– Enhance productivity.

A number of studies have shown that having an ergonomic stool that is comfortable and ergonomically designed boosts your employees’ happiness and also their productivity.

– Add comfort.

There are no limitations on what you stand to benefit from an ergonomic stool since there are different designs, sizes, and shapes that match your workplace as well as your body type. These stools are meant to hold multiple body sizes and shapes.

– Improve safety.

The fact that ergonomic office stools are designed for office employees is not mere speculation. These chairs have undergone numerous tests in the labs and verified or rather certified to offer optimum safety to individuals.

– Use for Long-term.

There are no constant purchases since these chairs have been made with high-quality materials and with a compact design thus best for long-term usage.


Benefits of Ergonomic Office Stool to Health.

Below are the benefits of ergonomic office stools to your health:

– Helps with back pain.

Lower back pain is one of the most observed causes of absence from jobs thus lowering productivity. Ergonomic office stools that feature a backrest are designed to support the natural alignment of your spine. The size of the backrest is also ideal for supporting your entire back.

– Relieves hip pressure.

A hard stool with inadequate paddling puts unnecessary strain on your hips. Ergonomic office stools boast adequate padding that supports your hips and reduces fatigue and pressure.

– Posture support.

Ergonomic office stools can be adjusted to match your height as well as your workstation. This ensures that you remain in your perfect sitting posture.

– Increased blood circulation.

Ergonomic office stools have a positive effect on your blood flow. Ergonomic office stools that feature an adjustable backrest are a better option. Adjusting your office stool to 90 degrees ensures proper circulation to your legs thus preventing going numb or swelling.


Ergonomic Office Stool Vs. Office Chairs.

office stool for posture

Both ergonomic office stools and ergonomic office chairs are a great investment in your office to maximize the productivity of your employees. However, there is a significant difference between the features of ergonomic office stools and office chairs towards ergonomic seating. Below are some of the aspects that compare the two:

– Adjustments.

Both ergonomic office stools and office chairs are adjustable, but the ergonomic office stools have plenty of adjustments. you can adjust your stool until it supports you perfectly in all the right places.

– Paddling.

Since both seats are meant for office work, they are padded for your ultimate comfort. Ergonomic office stools are heavily padded with high-density foam to take your comfort to the next level.

– Design.

Both ergonomic office stools and office chairs are designed to improve your posture and minimize the risks of injuries, pains, and aches thus improving the general productivity of your employees.


How to Pick the Best Ergonomic Office Stools?

How to Pick the Best Ergonomic Office Stools

Having the best ergonomic office stools is the perfect idea for maximum productivity. Below are the factors to consider when choosing your ergonomic office stools.

– Adjustability.

What defines an ergonomic office stool is the level of adjustability it possesses. People are different, so each ergonomic office stool needs to adapt to different or rather unique users. When picking your ergonomic office stool, have in mind its users and ensure that it is adaptable to all the functions that it will serve. The criteria under adjustability include stool height, stool width, and many more.

– Backrest.

Ergonomic office stools are either backless or feature a backrest. If you opt for a stool with a backrest, it ought to support the natural alignment of your spine. An ergonomic office stool with a backrest should ensure dynamic sitting instead of static posture so as to increase the blood flow. The backrest should recline so as to relieve you of some weight from your lower back.

– Materials.

Ensure that your seat padding is of high-quality foam. Low-quality foam and insufficient padding can result in misalignment of the spine, back pain, fatigue, imbalance, and discomfort. Moreover, go for durable materials that will serve your employees for a longer period to avoid constant purchases which might not be economical.

– Price.

There are wide varieties of ergonomic office stools in the market today. Most of these stools will serve you for an ideal duration thus work according to your budget.


Best Ergonomic Office Stool Reviews.

1. Best Comfortable – SONGMICS Adjustable Standing Ergonomic Office Stool with Swivel Design.

SONGMICS Adjustable Standing Ergonomic Office Stool


– Reliable.
– Ultimate comfort is guaranteed.
– Easy to assemble.
– Professional customer service.


– The design could be better.

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SONGMICS adjustable stool can be used with a standing desk enabling you to get the required height between sitting and standing.

The seat guarantees ultimate comfort since it is upholstered with a 3.1 inches thick quality high-density foam.

This standing stool can be adjusted from a height of 24.8 inches to 34.6 inches to meet your desires.

The stool features a free swivel design with 8 degrees tilting as well as an auto-return design to enjoy active sitting.

SONGMICS adjustable stool boasts convenient double handles that help you to adjust the stool height easily. You can also use the handles as armrests for relaxation.


2. Best Adjustable – Wobble Standing Ergonomic Desk Stool for Tall Swivel Leaning.

Wobble Stool and Standing stool


– It is lightweight.
– Quality construction materials.
– Durable base.
– Comfortable office stool.


– No cons found.

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This adjustable height stool takes a load off your legs by allowing you to rest as well as perch near the standing height.

The adjustable height is between 23inches to 33 inches and the stool swivels 360 degrees.

Wobble stool features a patented base that is crafted for movement, stability as well as safety.

The weighted design naturally returns upright and its unique shape will rest still, allowing you to sit normally without constant motion.

It also features a non-skid, non-marking, non-scratch cover that safely grips your surfaces without leaving a trace.


3. Best Stable – Master Massage Equipment Hydraulic Stool with 360-Degree Swivels.

Master Massage Equipment Hydraulic stool


– 360-degree swivel seat.
– Ergonomic design.
– Soft polyurethane wheels.
– Durable stool.


– Durability issues.

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The Master Massage professionals designed this office stool for better comfort and its saddle nature design relieves pressure on your back.

The stool features a 2.5 inches exclusive molded foam that is specially molded around your seat base instead of simply glued on.

The stool boasts a broad, comfortable 360 degrees swivel seat with soft polyurethane wheels which are safe for carpets and hardwood floors.

The PU upholstery is CFC- free, hypoallergenic, as well as waterproof, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. This makes it perfect for multiple workplaces and professions.


4. Best Multifunctional – The ORIGINAL Balance Adjustable Desk Stool for Exercise and Yoga.

The ORIGINAL Balance Adjustable stool


– Trustworthy durability.
– Ergonomic design.
– Suits any size.


– It is quite heavy.

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The stool boasts a unique shape that ensures your core stays active and your spine in the correct posture throughout the day.

This adjustable desk stool allows you to choose the height that best suits you and lets you utilize it with your standard desk without and worries about your height.

The stool strengthens your core by supporting your back and also your shoulders with the practical design of an office chair.

The stool features a yoga ball design that allows you to do your work in a fun and in way that gets the best out of you. This stability ball stool enables you to work out your muscles while seated.

The quality chrome base can hold a maximum weight of 280 pounds and the ball features an 18-inch anti-burst BOSU balance ball.


5. Best Budget – Flash Furniture Lightweight Ergonomic Stool with Foot Ring.

Flash Furniture ergonomic stool


– Best for fast-paced environments.
– It is lightweight.
– Compact and durable design.
– Pre-assembled.


– No warranty information.

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The stool has a small frame and compact design of a backless ergonomic stool that makes it pretty easy to maneuver and also move around tight workspaces easily.

The Flash Furniture ergo-stool is best used in a multitude of environments including classrooms, lecture halls, doctors’ offices, and many more.

The backless design is meant to wake up your muscles as well as improving your posture.

The product features a black fabric upholstery including CAL 117 fire-resistant foam.


6. Best for Correct Posture – Gaiam Balance Ball Ergonomic Office Stool with an Easy-inflation Air Pump.

 Gaiam Balance Ball Ergonomic Office Stool


– 360-degree swivel.
– Lightweight and easy to move around.
– Adjustable hydraulic lift.
– Versatile office stool.


– No cons found.

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The half-dome Gaiam balance ball stool cushion works as the active seat, causing micro-movements that strengthen your core, boost circulation, and improve your posture.

This anti-burst balance ball stool can be adjusted up to 33 inches to fit most standard size desks or standing making it perfect for home, classroom, office, or school desks.

It features a 360 degrees swivel that ensures easy and free movement with an adjustable height that meets your desires around your workplace.

The stool is lightweight with 5 lockable and easy-glide caster wheels. It also features an easy-inflation air pump thus your preferred office stool.


How to Sit Correctly on an Ergonomic Office Stool?

best ergonomic office stool

If you are reading this, then it is most likely that your job requires you to spend many hours per week seated. Bad office posture can bring side effects including tension in the back and neck. It is possible to reverse or prevent these issues with the right sitting posture as detailed below.

1. Proper office stool posture

best ergonomic office stool

  • Adjust the height of your stool so that your feet step flat on the floor and the knees are lined with your hips.
  • Sit in an upright position and ensure your hips are far back in your office stool.
  • If your office stool has back support, it should recline at around 110 degrees.
  • Place your keyboard close and also directly in front of you.
  • To ensure that your neck stays relaxed and at the same time in a neutral position, your computer should be a few inches above eye level and directly in front of you.
  • Sit approximately 20 inches away from your monitor.
  • Relax your shoulders and stay aware of them rounding forward or rising towards your ears in the course of your workday.

2. Get a supportive stool.

A correct posture is easier as long as you have the correct stool. The best stools ought to be comfortable, supportive, durable, and adjustable. Ensure your office stool has the following features for your correct posture.

  • Supportive headrest.
  • Backrest that supports your lower back, aligning according to the contours of your spine
  • Adjustable height, backrest reclining angle, and armrest height.
  • Comfortable padding on your seat and back.


How to Do Posture Exercises?

best ergonomic office stool

It is recommended that you move for short periods after every half-hour when sitting to increase the blood flow as well as re-energizing your body.

  • Something close to a one-hour power walk-assist in counteracting the side effects of prolonged sitting and at the same time engaging the muscles that allow good posture.
  • Basic yoga is also important for your body. This ensures proper alignment by stretching and also strengthening your muscles in the hips, back, and neck that strain when seated.
  • Place a foam roller beneath your back in case you develop tension. This does the massage on your back and gives a straighter posture with minimal discomfort.



In conclusion, ergonomic office stools are a great investment in your office or rather your workplace. They ensure maximum productivity with your employees even after long hours of sitting. This article has most if not all your questions concerning ergonomic office stools and also given you a review of the best ergonomic office stools.

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