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The 5 Best Ergonomically Correct Office Chair Reviews of 2021

Purchasing the ergonomically correct chair is the most difficult thing, especially when you have never owned or use it before. It is important to note that ergonomic chairs are different in terms of types and style designation.

However, finding the best ergonomically correct chair that compliments and fit your well-being is hard due to the lack of knowledge about them, or you might get discouraged about their cost. Do not worry because this excerpt will unravel you a good opportunity on how to find the best ergonomically correct chairs that are also pocket friendly.

ergonomically correct office chair

What Are the Best Ergonomically Correct Office Chair?

#1. Best Overall – Smugdesk Ergonomically Correct Mesh Chair with Adjustable Seat

“Meshed seat and backrest provide air circulation for users to keep free from sweating and to be more comfortable.”

#2. Best For Back Pain – SLEEKFORM Ergonomic Kneeling Chair with Lumbar Support

“Backrest and knee support align your spine to a correct posture that keeps the back pain away.”

#3. Best for Sitting Posture  – Office Star Durable Ergonomic Knee Chair with Smooth Wheel Casters

“The ergonomic design gives natural support and posture to make working easier for you.”


How Important it is to Get Ergonomically Correct Office Chair?

ergonomically correct office chair

Have you ever asked yourself why the company has provided you with a seat that is more comfortable and why they decided to invest in such a chair? Here is the significance of this ergonomic correct office chair:

  1.  Almost 50% of the reasons why employees fail to report at work is because of back pain due to unfit office chair that exposes them to such pain, hence, affecting company production. Ergonomically correct office chair unravels an opportunity of you being happy, thus, playing a significant role in boosting your productivity at work because your body is comfortable and pain-free.
  2.  Reduces back and neck pain; these are the most common body pain employee battles within silence every day in the office due to poor posture and prolonged hours spent on sitting. A correct ergonomic office chair is designed in a manner that doesn’t expose your body to such pains because your body is correctly postured.
  3. Provides you with a correct and healthy posture: using a correct ergonomic office chair gives you a good and comfortable posture that will not expose you to experiencing neck and lower back pain.
  4. Saves the company from investing heavily in medical insurance for their employees because the correct ergonomic office chair reduces the risks of exposing the employee to neck and lower back pain, hence, cutting unwanted bills.


How to Choose the Best Ergonomically Correct Office Chair?

ergonomically correct office chair

It may sound awkward why you have to be picky about the ergonomic chair, but having the correct ergonomic office chair is important, and you should always consider the following before selecting the correct ergonomic office chair:

Height Adjustability

Always check if the chair’s height and seat are fully adjustable, that is; easy either to move upwards or downwards and your knee angle should be able to remain on a 90 degrees bend. Adjustability is an essential factor to allow persons of extreme height to sit comfortably because most of the office chairs do possess a small seating range. For instance, a seat height of 15” to 22” fits a person between 5ft-6.4ft comfortably.

The purpose/who is going to use it.

Before purchasing an ergonomically correct office chair, it is good to mind about the purpose it will serve and who is going to use it, since it should be adjustable enough to fit the person comfortably and assist in achieving the goals of its purpose.

Evaluate the spine, arm, head, and foot support.

A good and ergonomically correct office chair should be designed in a style that conforms to the spine physique shape and offers healthy back support with the capabilities of inclining the backrest from an angle of 90-155 degrees. The armrest should be adjustable enough to allow you to either raise it and lower it down or change the angle of an armrest that is suitable for the posture of your shoulder. Besides, the footrest and headrest too should be adjustable to extreme height for your safety and comfort.

Check on the materials used for padding.

The padding materials used to cover the frame of the office chair should be soft, durable, comfortable, and breathable enough to allow free air circulation to avoid sweating and shirt sticking on your back. Furthermore, it should be able to absorb the lumbar weight pressure to release the tension on your lower back and the hips.

The size of the seat

Always guarantee that the seat size of the ergonomically correct office chair is the right size for you since, if it is small it will be uncomfortable and unhealthy for you which won’t allow you to sit on it for extended hours. The seat of a correct ergonomic office chair should be an inch wider at both ends of your hip, and the seat pan should be behind your knees when you practically sitting on it.

Durability and Flexibility

Check if the chair bases are made from a strong material that is durable and can allow a maximum weight desirable for you. The bases should also be equipped with five spooks, and the casters that can move easily and freely across the office.


Best Ergonomically Correct Office Chair Reviews

1. Best Flexible Moving – Office Star Ergonomic Knee Chair with Comfortable Memory Foam

Office Star Ergonomic knee chair

Office star ergonomic chair is a knee chair with a base made from strong and durable metal that can support a weight pressure of up to 200lbs. The base is supported by four 360 degrees swivels that allow you to access across the office by your body weight pressure. The wheel casters are smooth enough to be used on the carpet.

The knee chair has a seat and knee support which is padded by a thick memory foam that offers a comfortable sitting experience and is strong enough to support your weight pressure. The seat and the knee are adjustable enough to your suitable height makes working easier for you.
The seat and the knee support are designed slanting to different angles to give natural support and posture that aids in reducing lumbar and hip pressure through knee support.


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2. Best for Heavy Person – SLEEKFORM Ergonomic Kneeling Chair with Lumbar Support

SLEEKFORM Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

SleekForm is an advanced kneeling chair with lumbar support. The Sleekform ergonomic chair is made from steel metal that is strong and can hold a weight pressure up to 265lbs. It is supported by 2 inches universal 360 degrees castor wheels that are friendly to any type of floor which allows you to access anything out of your reach in the office while seated.

The seat is adjustable from 19” – 26” which is ideal for personnel who is 6.6 ft. tall. Besides, you can also adjust the sitting angle that will allow you to find a perfect position that suits your specific needs. The seat, knee support, and armrest are padded with a 4-inch breathable memory foam that absorbs your lower back and bottom weight pressure and also allows you to sit comfortably. This chair is perfectly suitable for office, meditation, and crafting purposes.

The Sleekform ergonomic kneeling chair offers a perfect spine alignment and posture via the ergo lumbar backrest. Furthermore, the padded handles provide advantageous stability to get on and off the kneeling chair. The lumbar pressure is supported with both slanted seat and knee support which positions your hip at an open angle that exposes you to an upright seating position. Hence, aligning your back, shoulders, and neck, which is essential in reducing back pain.


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3. Best Multifunctional – Smugdesk Ergonomically Correct Mesh Chair with Adjustable Headrest

Smugdesk Ergonomically Correct Mesh chair

Smugdesk ergonomic office chair is featured with a meshed seat and backrest for allowing abundance air circulation while seated to keep you free from sweating and keeping you cool. The breathable mesh is durable and can withstand a weight pressure of up to 300lbs. To maintain the chair is by washing it in warm water gently with a cold-water rinse.

It has a lock function that serves as multiple functions; that is, if you want to lower or raise the seat, you push the lever inwards or outwards from the middle. To lock or unlock the chair, you tilt the lever either upwards or downwards. To incline the backrest angle from 90-115 degrees, you tilt the same lever to give you enough comfort.

The meshed lumbar support is designed conforming to your spine, thus aligning your spine to a great posture for the benefit of releasing tension and compression at the lower back, thus allowing you to sit for extended hours without fatigue. The three-dimension armrests can be adjusted either up or down, left or right, back and forth to give a maximum guaranteed comfort to your needs.

Smugdesk ergonomic office chair unravels a great opportunity of comfort with a contoured-shaped and headrest that provides support to your neck and shoulders, thus reducing pressure builds upon the neck and offer a correct posture to your neck.


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4. Best for Bad Backs – Sleekform Amsterdam Kneeling Chair with Long-lasting Faux Leather Material

Sleekform Amsterdam ergonomic chair

The Amsterdam sleeking rocking chair provides a rocking motion that keeps your core engaged, and in turn, it gives supports to your back. Due to the separate kneeling support, it angles your hip at an angle of 70 degrees while sitting to position you at an upright angle effortlessly. This will align your back, neck, and shoulders to help in reducing pressure at the lower back and the pelvis. The rocking motion is also significant since it helps in enhancing blood circulation and maintains your focus for a long time.

The Sleeking rocking chair seat and knee support feature a 4-inch memory foam to add much comfort and support to your buttocks and knees. The three-frame crossbar is durable and strong enough to enrich the seat and knee with more support. The metal base can hold up to 265lbs and is suitable for persons who are from 5.5 to 6.6ft. Tall.

The seat and knee support are made from faux leather material that is long-lasting and easy to maintain by wiping using a wet cloth. The rocking motion makes this chair suitable for meditation, computer work, typing, and crafting. Furthermore, the Amsterdam ergonomic chair offers comfort by placing a lot of your weight in your buttocks, and the weight in your legs is placed on your shins. Thus, allowing you to sit the whole day long without any pain or discomfort.


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5. Best with Leather Material – Durable Alexia Meditation Ergonomic Seat for Posture Correct

Durable Alexia Meditation seat

Alexia is an ergonomic chair designed for meditation featured with a cushion that allows you to find a perfect posture, comfort, and support for your back, knees, ischium, instep, and feet while meditating. The Alexia lotus look design raises the hips and angles them forward to attain upright posture while folding your legs without feeling any pressure weight at your hip. Being in this position allows your hip to lose stress and the pressure build-up around the pelvis. Therefore, it is beneficial for those who suffer from spine complications, knee discomfort, and foot pain issues.

The Alexia meditation seat is meticulously hand made with a high-quality PU leather material which is strong and maintained by dry cleaning. The inner side of the seat is supported by a steel tubing frame and a steel seating mesh that supports your body in the right posture/position. The padding of the Alexia is made from a high-quality Neoprene form, thick and soft with a textile upholstery cover that is double stitched for ultimate resistance.

The Alexia size dimension is 32 by 27 by 12.5 inches, is wide enough and strong enough to hold a lot of weight, and also recommendable for people with extreme height. Using this ergonomic chair will be able to protect and prevent wearing, tearing, and degeneration on the joints, muscles, and bones.


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How to Sit Ergonomically Correct on an Office Chair?

It is recommendable to learn how to sit on the office chair ergonomically correct to avoid back complications by acknowledging the right angle posture that is physically correct and healthier for you. Here is how you sit ergonomically correct on an office chair:

• Stand horizontally in front of the chair, adjust the seat to reach just below your knee cap, sit on the chair, and ensure your foot is flat on the floor.

• Ensure while seated, the distance between the seat edge and the area directly behind your knee is 5cm or 2 inches.

• Adjust your backrest between the angles of 90-110 degrees and ensure your chest protrudes outwardly and your shoulder held a bit backward to provide a neutral sitting posture.

• Adjust both armrests to allow the chair to fit under the office desk leaving a distance of 20 inches away from the monitor to allow your elbow to rest on the desk at an angle of 90 degrees adjacent to the armrests. But ensure your elbow underside doesn’t rest on the desk.

• Finally, ensure your eyes is directly in contact with your computer at the same level by adjusting the seat height to avoid slouching forward too much, which could be a distress to your shoulder and neck muscles.


What Types of Chair Help You to Sit Ergonomically Correct?

What Types of Chair Help You to Sit Ergonomically Correct

There are different type of ergonomic chair that allows you to sit correctly, namely:

Ergonomic office chairs

These are the most comfortable ergonomic office chair that allows you to sit correctly to the benefit of your back. It has been ergonomically designed with a feature that makes it easier to use. However, there are some aspects that every ergonomic office chair should have to cub the issues to do with lower back pain. These are:
• Should be featured with pneumatic adjustment.
• Seat width should be wide enough to fit you.
• Should have a comfortable backrest with lumbar support that is adjustable from 90-135 degrees.
• The armrest and headrest should be adjustable.
• The seat height should be adjustable to fit any person with extreme height.
• The padding materials should be of high quality, soft and breathable.
• Should have swivels for mobility across the office.

Kneeling chair/medical chair.

These chairs are characterized by an angled knee rest that allows you to reduce body tension and stress by either leaning forward or backward to divide the bodyweight pressure between the bottom and your shin. The significance of the kneeling chair is;
• Reduces back pain by alleviating lumbar pressure.
• Maintains the lumbar curvature in shape by inclining the knee to 20 degrees.
• Strengthens the core muscles and psoas muscles, hence supporting your back naturally.
• Reduces lower vertebrae compression and tension.

Drafting chairs

Artist or architects mostly use these chairs since they are usually working while standing as they draft or draw. They have been specifically designed to match drafting tables and some sit-stand desks so that you can conveniently alternate between sitting and standing for an efficient workflow. These types of chair can help you sit ergonomically correct by:
• Supporting your back while standing by absorbing your upper limb and lower weight pressure.
• They have foot rings where you can rest your feet to eliminate stress at your knee and lower back.
• The seat height is adjustable for the transition from standing to sitting position.

24- Hours Chairs

These chairs have been specifically designed to sit for extended hours in the office. It is a look-alike of an office chair, but the only difference is that they’ve undergone multiple tests to fit ergonomically correct and comfortable in use for 24 hours. This chair is characterized by:
• Swivel fatigue bearing.
• Back tilt, backload, vertical armload, seat, and baseload.
• Extra strong base and frame support.
• Adjustable armrest, headrest, lumbar support, and adjustable height.


Can Office Chair Help Ergonomically Correct?

Yes, they unravel a good opportunity to your ultimate comfort by:

• The backrest has lumbar support that is S-Shape conforming to the spine and equipped with adjustable tilt handles that inclines you to a correct position. Thus, providing you with an ergonomically correct posture benefit for your body.

• The headrest provides comfortable support to your neck, thus relieving you from pain and preventing you from slouching forward. Furthermore, the armrest provides good support to your arms so that your shoulders do not suffer from tension caused by the limb weight.

• The adjustable seat height allows you to find an appropriate position efficient for you to work comfortably, gives your knee a 90-degree posture and your feet to rest flat on the ground to release hip pressure, and reduces fatigue build up around or behind the knee.

• The padding of the armrest, backrest, headrest, and seat is made from high-quality breathable cushions that allow free air circulation. It can also absorb the weight pressure, keeping you free from sweating and provides a comfortable sensation for you to sit for an extended period.

• The swivels base is flexible enough to allow you to find easy access across the office and in turn limiting too much movement that may be tiring.

best ergonomically correct office chair


All in all, due to the uncountable significance of the ergonomic chair, besides, the well-being of the spine and comfort it is good to reserve yourself with at least one ergonomic chair in your home rather than depending on the office chair at the workplace. Besides, owning an ergonomic office chair will help cut down your insurance cost in the future because your spine is invested in a solution that is guaranteed in an ergonomic chair.

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