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Top 5 Best Ergonomic Work Chair Reviews & Buying Guides

The kind of chair you sit on in the office highly determines your productivity, focus, and even comfort, thus considering the right chair. Ergonomic work chairs are standard in workplaces as they are engineered to offer the proper support to humans when seated.

These chairs are crafted with supportive parts at the seat and the back to fit different individuals. The ergonomic work chairs are perfect for improving one’s posture, especially when seated for too long to prevent and reduce back pains or injuries.

Therefore, all the ergonomic work chairs have adjustable height, depth, and lumbar to support and position the back in the right posture.


Ergonomic Work Chair Vs. Ergonomic Task Chair

Is there any difference between an ergonomic work chair and a task chair? Although both chairs are often used in offices, they differ slightly in design and use.

1. Similarities

  • Supportable

Both the work and task chairs are crafted to offer generous support to the back area while seated. In return, this helps one work for long hours in the office without feeling too much fatigue.

  • Comfortable

These types of chairs are crafted to provide comfort so one can focus on the work and be able to carry out day-to-day activities. Both the task and work chairs are super comfortable to sit on and for long. The seat areas are padded with cushioning, and the backrests are long for tremendous support.

  • Adjustable

Both the ergonomic work and task chairs are designed with adjustable parts on the seat, armrests, and back, to fit different users.

2. Differences

  • The cost

If you are looking for a comfortable and supportive low-budget office chair, the ergonomic task chairs are the best option. These chairs are relatively cheaper as compared to the workshop chairs.

  • The size

Traditionally, ergonomic office chairs are crafted in larger sizes as compared to task chairs. The office chairs come in different styles, including the executive ergonomic chairs, which are meant to be used with large working tables or desks.

The ergonomic task chairs are intended to fit under the table or working desks, hence the small sizes.


How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Work Chair?

Considering you will be spending the better part of your day seated in the office, you need a chair to provide the right comfort and support. Here is a guide on how to choose the best ergonomic work chair;

  • Choose a chair with adjustable height

The height of the seat is measured from the floor to the seat. Adjustable seat height is crucial to ensure the lower body part is positioned to the right angle, and one can comfortably reach the working table. The feet should be lying flat on the ground while the hips and arms should be at a horizontal angle with the desk.

The adjustment design is necessary to accommodate different individual heights. The majority of ergonomic work chairs are designed with a seat height that adjusts from 16 to 22 inches or more.

  • The seat width and depth

The user determines the width of the chair. For example, if the chair is meant for a lady, the width should be relatively larger since women are curvier around the hips than men.

The other crucial factor to consider is the depth of the seat. The depth of the seat is the section between the seat and the lumbar area of the seat. The larger the depth the seat has, the more comfortable the chair will be. The enormous seat depth ensures one can comfortably sit with the back leaning against the chair backrest to get the right support.

  • Lumbar support

Lumbar support is a crucial factor to consider when choosing an ergonomic office chair since it provides support to the lower back section while seated.

The lumbar support on the chair ensures your back is positioned at the right angle, and you do not strain the back muscles for support. Also, consider a chair that has adjustable lumbar support to fit different users.

  • The backrest

The backrest of the chair should be longer to offer ample support to the entire back section. The backrest should also be upright to position the back in a natural position while seated to prevent injuries.


Features of Ergonomic Work Chair

best ergonomic work chair

  • Adjustable height

One of the features that make the ergonomic chairs accommodate both short and tall individuals is the adjustable height design. The height of the ergonomic work chair is measured from the seat to the floor. Ensure the height you set the chair allows your feet to rest comfortably on the ground.

  • Adjustable armrests

Although not all ergonomic work chairs have adjustable armrests, this is a crucial feature worth checking when buying the chair.

The armrests provide a resting surface for the arms when relaxing on the chair. Adjustable armrests also ensure the arms remain at the same angle as the body.

  • Padding

When seated, especially for long hours, your comfort is crucial to promote productivity in the office.

The majority of the ergonomic office chairs are padded with thick cushioning on the seat. Note that some models have padding on the backrest while others feature mesh-like material on the back.

  • Lumbar support

An ergonomic work chair should provide lumbar support on the lower back section to prevent strain on the lower back section.

Keep in mind that a chair with the lumbar backing also provides comfort and security to the hip joints since they are connected to the lumbar.


Best Ergonomic Work Chair Reviews

1. Most Stable – Boss Office Products Ergonomic Chair with Adjustable Armrests

This is a great ergonomic work chair for people on a budget since it retails at an affordable rate compared to similar models. The chair is designed to ensure total comfort while preventing back injuries.

best ergonomic work chair

  • Contoured backrest – If you have problems maintain the right sitting position in the office, this is a perfect working chair to buy for this purpose. The chair is designed in a form that contours to the back to align it to the right sitting position.
  • Adjustable height – This ergonomic chair is suitable to use by different people in the office as it is adjustable in height. The chair has a gas lift for easy adjusting the height.
  • Double hooded wheel casters – You don’t need to keep on getting up to access items on the desk as this chair swivels around. It is equipped with double hooded casters for smooth maneuvering the chair around.

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  • Four different colors
  • Reduce back pain and strain
  • Adjustable height with the gas lift
  • A broad base


  • This chair feels a bit flimsy and may not work for heavyweight people


2. Best Mesh – HON Ignition Mid-Back Adjustable Lumbar Work Chair

Besides providing outstanding support and comfort while seated, this chair is designed in a stylish design that adds a great look to your office area.

HON Ignition work chair

  • Mesh backrest – This chair is crafted with an extended backrest that provides excellent support to your back when leaning. The back is made with mesh material that facilitates the free flow of air to prevent heat from building up in hot seasons, or if you lean for too long.
  • Adjustable chair – This work chair’s significant parts are adjustable to guarantee total support and comfort to meet every user’s needs. The features that are adjustable on the chair include; back height, seat depth, and even the armrests. This means that both tall and short people can comfortably sit on this chair when working.
  • Quality and durable construction – This chair is made with high-quality materials that guarantee prolonged use.

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  • A limited lifetime warranty
  • Mesh material on the back for support
  • Adjustable
  • Excellent padding on the seat


  • The chair is quite expensive.


3. Best Budget – UPSCALE DECOR Ergonomic Kneeling Work Posture Chair

Are you struggling to maintain the right sitting posture while in the office? This is the perfect office chair to consider getting? The chair does not have a back, so you can train on positioning the back while seated on this chair.

UPSCALE DECOR Ergonomic chair

  • Adjustable chair – This kneeling chair is adjustable to ensure the lower body is positioned at the right angle for comfort. This ensures you achieve the right sitting angle to balance the bodyweight
  • Adjustable height – This chair is designed to fit short and tall individuals since the height is adjustable to accommodate different heights. The height adjusts from 22 to 28 inches high
  • Heavy-duty material construction – The design plus the materials used to make this kneeling chair guarantees its durability and reliability. This chair has an X frame that adds to the chair’s balance and can hold a weight of 300 pounds.

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  • Assembling this chair takes a few minutes with the manual guide
  • Quite expensive
  • Durable and strong
  • Correct the sitting position.


  • This chair may not work for a tall individual with a height of 6 inches and above as it may strain the knees.


4. Best for Correcting Posture – Defy Desk Ergonomic Kneeling Work Chair with Thick Cushion Pad

If you need an adjustable office chair to use at home, this is a great option. Not only is the chair flexible, but it helps one maintain the right sitting angle.

Defy Desk Ergonomic work chair

  • Relives pain – This chair is customized to help the user sit on an upright angle, which helps relieve pain on the back and the neck.
  • Corrects the sitting angle – This kneeling chair is also perfect for correcting one sitting position. The ergonomic style helps angle the body in the right place to distribute weight for a comfortable sleeping position at night.
  • Thick cushioning – Your comfort is guaranteed since the chair has thick cushioning on the seat.

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  • Adjustable in height
  • Full money refund
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • Relieve back and neck pain


  • Assembling this kneeling chair is not easy since the instructions are not too clear.


5. Best with Lumbar Support – VECELO Ergonomic Work Chair with Adjustable Backrest

This is a multifunctional ergonomic chair that you can use as a task, desk, and work chair. The chair has a durable and comfortable material construction to provide support and allows you to concentrate on your work.

VECELO Ergonomic Work Chair

  • Comfortable – The seat of the chair has PU padding that provides cushioning for comfort and support while seated. The back of this chair has mesh material to facilitate the free flow of the air. You can sit on the chair for long without feeling too much heat or discomfort.
  • Adjustable parts – The chair’s back and armrests are adjustable to meet every user’s needs and for the comfortable reach of the working table.
  • Heavy-duty material construction – This chair is designed with quality and heavy-duty material as it can support a person weighing up to 285 pounds.

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  • A one year warranty against manufacturing issues
  • Casters for easy moving around
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Multifunctional


  • This chair may develop some annoying noises after a short while of using it.


Tips on Using Ergonomic Work Chair

best ergonomic work chair

  • It is all about the right posture

The ultimate goal of buying the right ergonomic work chair is to prevent injuries or back pains. However, you need to know how to use the chair to avoid these problems.

Therefore, master the right sitting position, primarily if you work for long hours in the office to ensure your safety. In this case, make sure to sit close to the working desk, adjust the chair to the right height, and position the spine in an upright posture when working.

  • Make sure your feet lie flat on the ground

Sitting while the feet touch flat on the ground is crucial since it helps balance the body weight, but it also promotes excellent circulation to the feet.

  • Don’t sit for too long

You must keep on getting up once in a while to stretch your body muscles. Sitting for too long, even if the chair is comfortable, is not healthy at all. So, take a break of 10 to 15 minutes, and take a walk around the office or stand next to your desk.


How to Sit Comfortably on the Ergonomic Work Chair?

best ergonomic work chair

Buying the right ergonomic work chair is not enough! It would help if you also mastered the proper sitting techniques when using the chair. Therefore, to prevent straining or back pain and injuries, here are the right methods to sit on an ergonomic work chair

1. Sit upright

An upright posture is the right sitting angle as it keeps the spine aligned in the right angle and ensures you are comfortable.

2. How to sit upright

  • Adjust the chair

The first thing is to adjust the height of the chair to fit your body. The chair should have a size that allows you to reach the working desk comfortably and, at the same time, have your feet positioned flat on the ground.

Also, adjust the chair’s height until you find a comfortable position that allows you to relax the hands on the desk.

  • Adjust the depth of the seat

Choose a chair with an adjustable seat depth to ensure your back comfortably leans to the chair’s backrest. Lean the lumbar section about 15 percent from the chair and place lumbar support if you have one additional support.

  • Positioning the legs

The hips should be placed slightly above the knees, leaving a gap between the back of the knees and the seat to allow flexibility and comfort.



Ergonomic work chairs are best when it comes to support and comfort when working. These chairs come in different styles and designs to suit various users. Some chairs are adjustable in height, armrests, and seat depth to fit multiple users and ensure everyone gets the right body support.

But, whichever chair you opt for, make sure it has the above-discussed features. You can test the chair while still at the shop to make sure it has the right features and design.

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